1508, 2017

WeBuyAnyCar: claims that customers are left out of pocket are ‘misleading’

Car buying website says it's not fair to compare its prices with private sales

1508, 2017

Ford GT ’67 Heritage Edition celebrates Le Mans win

It features white racing stripes and carbon fibre seats

1408, 2017

The coolest car from the year you were born

Cool for cars: We select the coolest car per year from 1957 to 2000

1408, 2017

25 brilliant cars you can buy for £1000 or less

Auto Trader announces free ads for sub £1k cars. We go bargain hunting...

1408, 2017

Car buying websites are leaving motorists out of pocket

Prices on sites like WeBuyAnyCar an average £958 lower than private sale price

1108, 2017

Striking partnership: football and cars in pictures

The Premier League is back, so here are some photos of cars playing football. Of sorts...

1108, 2017

Video: Classics on the Common 2017

The biggest midweek car show in Britain

1108, 2017

You can spend more than £200,000 on a nearly-new Honda NSX

Some car dealers are asking more than £70,000 over list price for Honda's hybrid supercar

1008, 2017

Thieves are using this new technique to steal cars

Tracker warns of car thieves using a clever 'relay' technique

1008, 2017

In pictures: the most controversial Fords ever

It’s not always been plain sailing for Ford...

1008, 2017

£2,000 if you swap an old diesel for a green new BMW or Mini

BMW will pay us to get dirty diesels off the road

908, 2017

Used electric car searches up 680% on day of 2040 announcement

We're still searching for diesel cars, Auto Trader reveals

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