1803, 2018

MR week in review: 18 March 2018

Debating diesel's future | Inside London's secret supercar garage | 2018 car tax changes | New Ford Fiesta ST details | Car brands to resurrect

1603, 2018

New 2018 diesel car tax rules: everything you need to know

As VED increases for diesels, a survey reveals that many motorists don't understand how it'll affect them

1503, 2018

Opinion: Demonising diesel is delaying the death of dirty diesel

The lack of an informed discussion is currently leading to the worst possible outcome

1503, 2018

Diesel should not be a lost cause says JLR MD

Air quality will suffer if the demonising of new diesels means people keep hold of old ones

1403, 2018

The Met Police’s new fleet of cars will emit only WATER

11 Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell cars are now in service with London’s Metropolitan Police Service

1403, 2018

Meet the man who looks after London’s supercars

Inside the underground ‘bat cave’ packed with supercars, including rare Ferraris, Aston Martins, Lamborghinis and Porsches

1303, 2018

The car brands to bring back from the grave

Aston Martin unveiled the Lagonda Vision Concept at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, which sees a famous old name making a return to the luxury car segment. Which got us thinking: which defunct car brands would we like to see [...]

1303, 2018

Ford patents tech to make the new Fiesta ST a driver’s delight

Ford's boffins aim to deliver the best small hot hatch on sale

1303, 2018

Order Audi’s new E-Tron EV SUV for £1,000

It’s coming later in 2018

1203, 2018

Sailing away: when car manufacturers go boating

20 luxury yachts and speedboats designed or built by car manufacturers, including the new Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing 515 Project One

1203, 2018

Celebrity cars sell for up to 241% more

Research conducted by Auto Trader reveals how having a famous owner can increase the price of a car by up to 241 percent

1103, 2018

MR week in review: 10 March 2018

2018 Geneva Motor Show highlights | Fastest supercars | Coolest new cars | Jaguar I-Pace driven | More new SUVs | Diesel CO2 concerns

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