Inside Zenvo: the Danish supercar that does things differently

Got seven figures to spare? Zenvo will hand-build you a hypercar that makes Ferraris and Lamborghinis seem ordinary. We go behind the scenes

Hidden treasures: Mazda’s eclectic sports car collection

From the space-age Cosmo to the cult-classic RX-7 and world-conquering MX-5, we chart the history of sporting Mazdas – with exclusive photos.

The cars that go furthest with the fuel light on

Ever played fuel light roulette? We reveal the cars that can drive the longest and shortest distances after the fuel light has come on.

How Mazda launched five car new brands – and all of them failed

A brief look at Mazda's infamous five dead brands: Amati, Autozam, Efini, Eunos and Xedos, with an honourable mention for M2.

In pictures: celebrities and their cars

From rappers to royalty, and Jeremy Clarkson to Jay Kay, we round-up some of the coolest cars owned and driven by the rich and famous.

How Princess Diana transformed Audi’s image and doubled sales

Forget Vorsprung durch Technik, Princess Diana arguably did more to improve Audi's fortunes – in the UK, at least – than any ad campaign.

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