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How to secure your car with an OBD port locking device

Criminals are consistently using high-tech equipment to steal cars. This is how to stop your On-Board Diagnostics port being exploited.

How a dirty car could cost you £1,000

Keeping your car's number plates and lights clean is essential for safety – and to avoid a substantial fine.

How to move over safely for emergency vehicles

Driving with blue lights gives the emergency services exemption from certain parts of the Highway Code. We explain the rules.

Why driving through puddles risks a fine or licence points

Splashing through standing water to soak pedestrians could cost you money – and lead to points on your driving licence. We explain the rules.

Winter driving: how to prepare you and your car

Winter is coming and it's already getting dark. Prepare your car for the coming conditions to stay safe over the colder darker months

Which car brands offer an online buying service?

Many car manufacturers have embraced the digital age by launching online car buying services. Here's a list of brands and what they offer.

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