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Legendary 1969 Woodstock Summer of Love VW bus brought back to life

Recreation of iconic Type 2 van was hand-painted by the artist who actually made the original!
February 15, 2019/by John Redfern

Iconic Hollywood cars to parade through LA

The Petersen Automotive Museum kicks off its 25th birthday celebration with a President’s Day parade of iconic vehicles though the streets of Los Angeles.
February 15, 2019/by John Moroney

UK drivers will save 25 minutes during the half term commute

School's out: as the kids prepare for their half term break, we're set to enjoy significantly shorter commutes.
February 15, 2019/by Ethan Jupp

How Lexus defeated ‘the best car in the world’

In 1989, Lexus unveiled the LS 400, a luxury car aimed squarely at the Mercedes S-Class. Twenty years on, we celebrate the brilliance of Circle F
February 15, 2019/by Gavin Braithwaite-Smith

EU car industry to stagnate in 2019 – Brexit, emissions and the U.S. to blame

The EU car market is predicted to stagnate in 2019 at 2018 levels, with a growth rate of under one percent. Brexit, emissions regulations and more are piling on the pressure
February 15, 2019/by Ethan Jupp

In pictures: London Classic Car Show

The London Classic Car Show is underway, and we were in town as the doors opened to bring you some of the highlights of 2019
February 15, 2019/by Gavin Braithwaite-Smith

Land Rover in crisis: another new car bites the dust

The hardcore Discovery SVX is the latest Land Rover to be canned. The news follows the Range Rover SV Coupe’s cancellation a couple of weeks ago
February 15, 2019/by Ethan Jupp

Overfinch modified Range Rover Velar breaks cover

You can 'redefine' your Range Rover Velar with Overfinch styling accessories for around £18,000
February 15, 2019/by Ethan Jupp
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