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Chrysler Australia announces more details for special 300 SRT Pacer

Limited to a total of just 50 units for Australian market, buyers will need to find $69,950 to grab one of the special retro-inspired sedans
December 9, 2019/by John Redfern

Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot collides with police car in Connecticut

Tesla driver told Connecticut State Police troopers they were checking on their dog in the rear of the car when the accident occurred
December 8, 2019/by John Redfern

Volkswagen scientists use quantum computing to help solve traffic chaos

Collaboration between VW data engineers in Germany and the United States helped buses navigate congested city streets more efficiently
December 7, 2019/by John Redfern

Practical Porsche: one-off transforms Boxster into shooting brake

This customised Porsche Boxster is becoming a shooting brake-style estate. The project is the work of Van Thull Development in Holland.
December 6, 2019/by Ethan Jupp

‘A piece of tabloid history’: Katie Price’s pink Range Rover is for sale

Is a standard Range Rover too anonymous for you? Look no further than this body-kitted, scorchingly pink Range Rover, formerly owned by Katie Price.
December 6, 2019/by Ethan Jupp

Honda tests its robot lawnmower in public parks

The autonomous Honda Miimo lawnmower has been put to work in Tokyo's public parks. It can even plug in and recharge when needed.
December 6, 2019/by Ethan Jupp

Revealed: Top-selling cars with the longest waiting lists

New research reveals even some of the UK’s best-selling cars have long waiting lists for buyers wanting to get behind the wheel.
December 6, 2019/by Ethan Jupp

Free polling station parking to help people vote

A car park operator will be offering 30 minutes of free parking on election day to encourage people to get out and vote.
December 5, 2019/by Ethan Jupp
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