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Flying Bee: Bentley bees are making honey

Bentley is playing host to 120,000 bees in two hives, which have now delivered their first batch of honey. It will be available to employees and VIP guests
September 19, 2019/by Ethan Jupp

Bus industry wants to go zero-emission by 2025

A new strategy called Moving Forward Together has been launched by the CPT. It's committing to making every new bus it buys ultra-low emission by 2025
September 19, 2019/by Ethan Jupp

PROOF that smart motorway cameras are always on

If you wanted proof that smart motorway speed cameras are always on, even when the gantries aren’t, here it is. Pictures of a driver getting flashed
September 19, 2019/by Ethan Jupp

Fiat Panda Trussardi is the first ‘luxury Panda’

Panda on the catwalk: the Trussardi is a collaboration between the Italian fashion house and Fiat. It costs £14,060, darling.
September 19, 2019/by Gavin Braithwaite-Smith

London Car Free Day: how to reduce your emissions

London’s Car Free Day is coming this Sunday (22 September) but only on 12 miles of road. What can you do to cut your car's emissions?
September 19, 2019/by Ethan Jupp

There’s a new all-electric baby Bugatti for KIDS

Bugatti has revealed a near-production version of its baby all-electric Type 35 recreation. It goes into production in 2020, and all 500 are sold out
September 19, 2019/by Ethan Jupp

Cinch: the website that ‘aims to make car-buying fun again’

Cinch says it can simplify finding and buying your next car online, by allowing you to search based on your needs.
September 19, 2019/by Ethan Jupp

Opinion: You wait years for a new Land Rover Defender…

Six days and two 'new Land Rover Defenders', but don't worry: it sounds like these British-built machines are going to complement one another rather than clash
September 18, 2019/by Richard Aucock
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