1910, 2018

New Ferrari Challenge UK race series is a global first

Four-race series for Ferrari 488 Challenge launches at Brands Hatch in spring 2019

1910, 2018

You can now track a friend’s journey on Google Maps

Google has updated its Maps app so that you can now track a friend's journey, estimated time of arrival and exact location

1910, 2018

When Mazda launched five car new brands – and they all failed

A brief look at Mazda's infamous five dead brands – Amati, Autozam, Efini, Eunos and Xedos, with an honourable mention for M2

1910, 2018

Elon Musk has introduced a new, cheaper Tesla Model 3

The CEO of Tesla introduced the world to the 'mid-range' Model 3 via Twitter

1910, 2018

How to get cheaper car insurance

We reveal how to keep the cost of car insurance down – and the things you definitely shouldn’t do...

1910, 2018

Lamborghini celebrates 50 years of its four-seat supercar

A visit to London, dinner at the RAC and a hat-tip to 'Hey Jude'. It's all part of the anniversary celebrations for the Lamborghini Espada

1910, 2018

Ford to keep building GT supercar for another two years

People are still clamouring for the Ford GT supercar so the blue oval is going to build it until 2022 and make around 350 more

1910, 2018

MPs now want to ban new petrol and diesel cars in 2032

The government’s ambition to ban new petrol and diesel car sales in 2040 should be brought forward say MPs – but the car industry is baffled by the lack of a joined-up approach

1810, 2018

McLaren Speedtail offered with gold badges made in Birmingham

The optional McLaren Speedtail badge will be made in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter and boasts a carbon fibre inlay

1810, 2018

‘Driverless dread’: most Brits say they want to KEEP control of their car

One in two motorists says introducing driverless cars is a bad idea – and 68 percent believe autonomous cars to be unsafe

1810, 2018

Safety body warns of ‘dangerous’ automated driving confusion

Seven in 10 think they can already buy a car that drives itself – and it’s car manufacturers’ branding of so-called safety tech that’s to blame

1810, 2018

New cars are spying on drivers’ music choices

General Motors used in-car wi-fi to gather radio information, to detect any links between what we listen to and what we buy

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