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Smart motorways in Yorkshire to get safety improvements

Emergency areas on smart motorways in Yorkshire will get a makeover. The upgrades will involve extra signs and a marked-out box for stopping.

PROOF that smart motorway cameras are always on

If you wanted proof that smart motorway speed cameras are always on, even when the gantries aren’t, here it is. Pictures of a driver getting flashed

Recovery workers offered smart motorway training

Smart move: the Highways England Smart Motorway Awareness For The Roadside Rescue & Recovery Industry is the first of its kind.

Over half of us AVOID open hard shoulders on smart motorways

New research has shed some light on our understanding of how smart motorways work, what they can and what they can’t do

How to drive on a smart motorway

Following the introduction of fines for drivers who ignore red 'X' signs on motorways, Highways England has issued advice for driving on smart motorways.

25 percent of drivers drive through smart motorway red ‘X’ signs

New RAC statistics show that 25 percent of members have driven under red X signs. The figures for the rest of us could be even worse...

Are smart motorway speed cameras always switched on?

Social media rumours about speed cameras are running rife. Time to get debunking

Motorists need help with smart motorways says watchdog

Highways England needs to step up its game in teaching people about smart motorways

Smart motorway emergency areas to turn ORANGE

First orange refuge area now live on M3 in Surrey