Motorway electric car recharge logos bring relief to range anxiety

You can now get on the motorway in your EV without wondering where you’ll be able to recharge it if you get desperate…

Ecotricity SedgemoorElectric car motorway recharge points are to feature on information signs for the first time, with charging company Ecotricity becoming the first to add its logos to the blue signs.

We may become rather familiar with them too: the company points out it now has 260 Ecotricity pumps that, it claims, cover almost the entire motorway network.

The first Ecotricity logo went up at Roadchef Sedgemoor last week and the firm plans to get them stuck on to all 28 Roadchef motorway signs as soon as possible: Hamilton and North Canes will be next.

It’s good news for Britain’s 50,000 electric car drivers, whose numbers have gone up 10 times in two years.

‘Ban non-EVs’

This, however, is not a fast enough pace of change from fossil fuels for Ecotricity founder Dale Vince. The firm, which generates all its power from renewables, believes every new car sold by 2030 should either be electric or a plug-in hybrid.

By 2040, they should be the only cars on the road.

“The revolution on Britain’s roads is a vital part of achieving the target the world agreed to at Paris last year,” said Vince.

“We have to stop burning fossil fuels by 2050 in order to limit a catastrophic temperature rise, and energy, transport and food are the biggest areas we need to tackle to get there.”

What the classic car scene will make of Vince’s thoughts remains to be seen…

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