George Freeman MP

Government ‘to consult’ on pulling forward 2040 petrol and diesel car ban

Consultation to bring forward the ambitious 2040 target banning new petrol and diesel car sales may soon begin, suggests a government Minister
Opel ampera-e

Vauxhall confirms Britain DENIED 'class-leading' new 250-mile Ampera-e electric car

New Ampera-e will not be sold in right-hand drive – but this isn't stopping Vauxhall demonstrating the car in Britain

We're not buying enough electric cars

Environmental audit committee warns that Britain is unlikely to meet its climate change targets
Tesla Model S

Tesla has launched the fastest car in the world

Model S 100D Ludicrous does 0-60mph in just 2.5 seconds – that’s LaFerrari territory!
Porsche 718 Boxster S

Porsche vindicated? 718 Boxster S scores top ‘A’ rating for NOx emissions

Controversial four-cylinder engine gains best-possible score in independent EQUA Index NOx tests

Top 10 most economical cars

Our guide to which new cars have the best mpg
Volvo S90

Volvo targets 1 million electrified cars sold by 2025

Volvos will be deathproof by 2020 and ultra-green by 2025, vows president
Riversimple Rasa: Two-Minute Road Test

Riversimple Rasa (2016) road test review

We take a spin in the new hydrogen-powered car of the future that could replace your Volkswagen Golf
Toyota Prius 2016

2016 Toyota Prius review: first drive

Fourth generation of Toyota's ground-breaking Prius petrol-electric hybrid car is even more fuel-efficient and green; newfound style is welcome too
Ecotricity Sedgemoor

Motorway electric car recharge logos bring relief to range anxiety

You can now get on the motorway in your EV without wondering where you’ll be able to recharge it if you get desperate…