EV ownership surgesEdinburghcitymom Shutterstock

Revealed: the towns and cities where EV ownership is surging

Using data sourced from a Freedom of Information request, we can reveal the 20 towns and cities were electric car demand is growing fast
Kia e-Niro waiting listKia

3,000 people on waiting list for electric Kia e-Niro

Joining the list of supercars that command long waiting lists is the Kia e-Niro crossover. Three thousand have put their their names down so far.
Rimac C_TwoRimac

Rimac C_Two: why this 256mph, £2 million hypercar matters

We chat with the founder of Rimac about the incredible C_Two – and how its EV and self-driving technology can trickle down to everyday cars.
Range figures of electric cars need an ‘urgent rethink’Jaguar

Range figures for electric cars need ‘urgent rethink’

A leading engineering and testing consultancy says an overhaul of how EV range is calculated could boost consumer confidence.
Can electric cars save you money?VW

Can an electric car really save you money?

The savings on 'filling up' an electric car are impressive, but EVs won't necessarily save you money elsewhere – as these figures prove.
Jaguar I-PaceJaguar

The slowest depreciating electric cars

From the Renault Zoe to the Jaguar I-Pace, we reveal the slowest depreciating new electric cars in the UK
electric vehicle adoption tipping pointsShutterstock

New electric car study reveals buyer 'tipping points'

EVs offering 300 miles of range and more rapid chargers are seen as the key to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, says 'ground-breaking' study.
Electric car chargingShutterstock

2025 will be 'tipping point' for electric cars, say experts

EVs will achieve price parity with conventional cars by 2025, reckons Auto Trader, and outsell them by 2030
Pininfarina BattistaNewspress

Electric dreams: amazing cars of the future debut in Geneva

This is the year electric cars really hit the mainstream. These are the biggest debuts at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show
google maps electric car charging

Google Maps now shows where to charge your electric car

Having trouble finding charging points for your electric car? Struggle no more – thanks to the latest update from Google Maps