Zap-Map adds payment service to cure ‘charger anxiety’

Zap-Pay is a new service from leading EV chargepoint location tool Zap-Map that lets electric car owners pay to charge on any participating network
Vauxhall Corsa-e

1 in 3 motorists ‘optimistic’ about buying an electric car by 2025

A new survey has shown how divided British motorists currently are about electric cars but there are growing numbers who are feeling positive about the switch
electric car maintenanceShutterstock

Servicing an electric car: here's what you need to know

There's no oil, spark plugs or fuel filters, so what exactly does maintaining an electric car involve? And will it mean cheaper servicing costs?
Volvo XC40 part-time electric carVolvo

Volvo calls plug-in hybrids ‘part-time electric cars’

Volvo sees plug-in hybrids as ‘part-time electric cars’ that provide a stepping stone to an electric future. This comes as it launches a new smartphone app.
British Gas Vivaro-eVauxhall

British Gas places UK's largest electric van order with Vauxhall

British Gas has ordered 1,000 all-electric Vauxhall Vivaro-e vans for its gas engineers, making it the UK's largest commercial EV order to date.
Buy a car battery in lockdownGo Ultra Low

How to self-isolate your electric or plug-in hybrid car

Many cars are being left at home during the lockdown. Here's how to take care of your electric or plug-in hybrid batteries when the car isn't in use.
Tesla Model S rangeShutterstock

The average electric car is driven 9,500 miles a year

New research reveals electric cars average 9,435 miles a year in Great Britain, with a typical Tesla Model 3 covering an impressive 12,392 miles per annum.
Electric car owner unplugging their vehicle

Electric car owners advised to unplug during lockdown

Keeping your EV plugged in when not in use is bad practice – and could result in battery damage, say experts.
MG donates 100 ZS EVs to NHSMG

Coronavirus: MG donates 100 ZS EVs to the NHS

MG is supplying up to 100 MG ZS EVs to NHS agencies for use by the NHS heroes, as the government intensifies the battle against the dangerous coronavirus.
Driving test change for electric carsMini

Electric vehicles ARE cleaner than petrol cars, report claims

Researchers at the universities of Exeter, Nijmegen and Cambridge conclude that electric vehicles are cleaner than their petrol equivalents.