Revealed: Motoring Research’s top stories of 2018

Counting down our top 20 most-read stories of 2018, including a Suzuki Jimny preview and news of a 200mph SUV.

Lister LFP SUV

It’s that time of the year again when magazines, television channels and websites roll out their ‘greatest hits’ of the past 12 months. Those carefully curated lists of ‘top this’ and ‘best that’: prime fodder for when you’re suffering from mince pie fatigue and the Christmas sherry has turned your brain to mush.

Which is why we’re getting in on the act. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you, our most-read stories of 2018. Delivered, in time-honoured fashion, in revere order.

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20. 2019 Suzuki Jimny: what you need to know

All-new Suzuki Jimny

The Suzuki Jimny has owned 2018. While this preview piece creeps into our year-end round-up, the other Jimny articles – including our first drive in Germany – are all hovering just outside the top 20. Not bad for a sub-£20k 4×4 that is yet to hit the streets. It’s worth noting that the Jimny review is second only to the McLaren 600LT on the list of most-read new car reviews.

19. Blues and toes: Britain’s wildest new police cars revealed

In June, we visited the National Association of Police Fleet Managers show to see what a motor show for police officers is really like. Based on this evidence, we can’t get enough of a good police car, unless one happens to be filling your rear-view mirror.

18. The biggest and most flamboyant American cars

John Redfern loves a good American land yacht, and many of you seem to share his passion. If this feature is anything to go by, size does matter. Some wood helps, too.

17. Revealed: the biggest car brands in the world 2017

A straightforward top 25 list of the biggest car brands in the world, based on overall registrations in 2017. Thanks to the Corolla, RAV4 and Camry, Toyota sat at the top of the sales tree. We predict it will retain its throne when we repeat the gallery in 2019.

16. Diesel particulate filters: why are they a problem?

Diesel particulate filter warning light

A relatively new piece on a rather common problem. If you drive or are considering buying a modern diesel car, you need to be aware of the DPF and what impact it could have on your bank balance.

15. Why you are UNABLE to tax a car this weekend

Back in August, the DVLA carried out ‘essential system maintenance’, which meant anyone buying a car was unable to tax it and drive it home. This wouldn’t have been a problem when VED was transferrable. Cue lots of online chatter about the good old days…

14. How you can declare SORN instead of paying car tax

Speaking of tax, a month ago, Ethan wrote an informative piece on how to declare SORN when taking your car off the road for the winter. It secures 14th place on the list of our most-read items of 2018.

13. Jeremy Clarkson has named his car of the year

There are two names guaranteed to generate clicks: Jeremy Clarkson and Kim Kardashian. Imagine a headline containing both Clarkson and Kardashian. That’s guaranteed to break the internet.

12. Fifth Gear returns to TV on Quest

Tiff Needell

Wonders will never cease. A short news item on the return of Fifth Gear was read more times than the piece about Clarkson’s favourite car. Good news for Tiff, Jonny Smith and VBH.

11. The most economical new cars in 2018

Nobody loves wasting money, so if you fancy spending less time at the pumps in 2019, these are some of the cars you might want to consider. Alternatively, if you enjoy visiting petrol stations, why not buy a Monaro? Or a Bentley.

10. The cost of a car the year you were born

It’s an old piece, but it continues to deliver the goods. This nostalgic feature contains some rather evocative press photos, including a black and white shot of a Rover Vitesse and a Ford Lotus Cortina on three wheels. Hashtag clickbait.

9. Top 25 cheap classic cars to invest in

First published in January 2016, this feature on cheap(ish) classic cars remains relevant at the end of 2018. Most of the cars remain relatively affordable, but you’ll have fewer to choose from.

8. New Discovery rear end ‘transformed’ by a £1,200 number plate kit

New Land Rover Discovery

Would you spend £1,200 on a number plate kit for the new Land Rover Discovery? Based on the number of times this piece from the summer has been read, there are plenty of people who would.

7. Waze and Google Maps now in Apple CarPlay with iOS 12 update

Forget dreaming of a white Christmas, it would appear that many people were simply waiting for Apple CarPlay to add Waze and Google Maps functionality. Next year, we expect Apple CarPlay to include a Santa tracker.

6. Audi A4 1.4 TFSI 150 (2016): long-term review

Richard spent six months with an Audi A4. Fittingly, his long-term review secures sixth place on our list.

5. Can you drive your car after an MOT fail if the old test hasn’t expired?

If there was a prize for the longest headline, this would be in with a shout.

4. Ferrari, Cobra worth $4 million found in condemned NC garage

Woodworth Hagerty Garage Find

Back in January, John Moroney told the tale of a small collection of cars that were driven into a North Carolina garage in 1991 and then forgotten about for the next 26 years. It struck a chord, because the internet loves a good ‘barn-find’.

3. The must-visit events for car enthusiasts in 2018

This one is of no use to you now, but rest assured, we’re preparing a new version for 2019.

2. How to find the cheapest petrol and diesel near you

The articles in first and second position couldn’t be further apart in terms of content. One is about finding cheap fuel…

1. The world’s fastest SUV will be a 200 mph Lister

Lister LFP

While the other is focused on a 200mph SUV. News of the Lister LFP was by far and away our most-read story of 2018 and, by some margin, the one with the most comments. To be fair, you might need to know where to buy cheap petrol if you drive a 200mph SUV.

Happy New Year, and thanks for reading the words of Motoring Research in 2018.

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