DVLA auction

Apple-themed registration the pick of the DVLA auction

DVLA auction

Fans of Apple’s MacBook computer are expected to dig deep for the ‘MAC 800K’ registration at the current DVLA auction.

The registration is one of 500 being offered at the latest Timed Auction, with reserves ranging from £250 to £2,500. If you fancy showing the world how much you like your laptop, ‘MAC 800K’ comes pre-loaded with a £250 reserve.

It puts us in mind of the registration on show at the Haynes Motor Museum, with a 1987 Bentley Continental Convertible displaying CAR 800K – or CAR BOOK – a reference to the publishing business famous for producing the Haynes Manual.


If Apple products aren’t your thing, and you fancy something with a little R&B flavour, how about ‘WH17 NEY’, which is offered with a £400 reserve. You have One Moment in Time to place a bid – the 10-day sale commenced on Monday and will reach a conclusion on Wednesday 15 August.

Pinball wizards might prefer ‘TO11 MMY’, with other name-based plates including ‘CA11 THY’, ‘MA17 HEW’, and ‘PA11 ULS’.

For registrations with a touch of automotive flavour, how about ’25 FER’ or ‘MC18 REN’?

Alternatively, if you think personalised plates are a bit ‘RUB 115H’, you can tell the world courtesy of a registration with a £250 reserve.

Jody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ senior sales manager, said: “We only planned to hold four Timed Auctions this year. However, with the ever-growing demand from our customers and the incredible array of registrations available has enabled us to add a fifth into our calendar.”

‘700 O’ leads the way

At lunchtime on Tuesday 7 August, ‘700 O’ led the way in the online auction, with a price of £6,510 – some £4,000 more than its reserve. If you’ve had enough of Porsche 911 fever, maybe ‘911 BS’ will float your boat – current price a bullish £6,010.

Registrations without a bid include ‘900 BJ’, ‘1967 BC’, ’59 DES’, ‘3000 GL’ and ‘HAC 3T’.

As for ‘MAC 800K’ – that has risen to just £780. Still, it’s cheaper than a new MacBook Pro…

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