Road tax SORN how to SORN

How you can declare SORN instead of paying car tax

Road tax SORN how to SORN

It’s mid-November, which means it’s (almost) the season to be jolly. It’s also when the roads become salty and, therefore, the season many take their prized classic cars off the road. If you don’t want to keep paying road tax, that means declaring SORN.

Just because you’re not driving your car, that doesn’t mean you can simply stop paying tax. Do so and you can expect stern letters in the post, followed by a fine. A SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) lets the authorities know your car is off the road and you have no intention of driving it for a while.

How do I SORN my car?

SORNing your car is very quick and easy, so there’s no excuse for not getting around to it. Firstly, head to the website. Have your 11-digit number from your V5C (vehicle logbook) handy to do declare SORN immediately – or the 16-digit number from your tax reminder (V11) for it to take effect at the end of the month. With everything to hand, the process should take a matter of minutes.

There are other ways to get a SORN notice, too – either by post or by phone.

Click here to go to the SORN page on the website

Road tax SORN how to SORN

Can I drive my car after SORN?

No, not until you tax it again. Vehicle tax is required to drive on the road – it’s simple as that. You need to be sure your car is already where it’s due to sit long-term, or have a trailer or low-loader to move it. Under no circumstances should it be driven after SORN. Nor can it be parked on the road.

How long does a SORN last?

A SORN, unlike vehicle tax, does not need to be renewed. It is indefinite until you tax the car again – be that weeks, months or years.

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