Tesla delivers extended range and improved cabin for Model 3

Latest 2020 version of entry-level Tesla benefits from a number of detailed tweaks, intended to make it more efficient and user-friendly

2020 Tesla Model 3 Update

Tesla has quietly rolled out a range of tweaks and improvements for the best-selling Model 3 electric car

The company’s continual evolution of the entry-level version includes upgrades for the exterior and interior. These are combined with an increased battery range, plus a boost in performance, too. 

Whilst the changes may not be revolutionary, they help to make the Model 3 ownership experience more attractive.

The most noticeable tweaks come in the form of exterior detailing. Satin black replaces chrome trim for the side repeaters, door handles, and brightwork surrounding the windows. 

Tesla now also has multiple wheel options for the Model 3. This includes redesigned 18-inch Aero Wheels that are fitted to the Standard Range Plus and Long Range versions. 

New 19-inch Sport Wheels can also be added to these models, whilst the range-topping Performance edition has 20-inch ‘Uberturbine’ rims at last. 

Different tyres are said to offer increased efficiency, whilst the rear boot opening is now powered. It can be operated at the touch of a button on the boot itself, through the Tesla app, or from the interior touchscreen.

2020 Tesla Model 3 Update

Inside, many of the changes are subtle but will make a difference for those who currently own a Model 3. The biggest alteration is a redesigned centre console, which has a new sliding lid and wireless charging mats for two smartphones. 

There are also two new USB-C charging points for additional smartphones, whilst the glove box has an extra USB-A port. Tesla says this can be used to add a storage device for Sentry Mode and Dash Cam footage.

Gloss black trim has been replaced with a matte black finish, with the sill coverings now black. The seat controls have been updated to a graphite colour, with the steering wheel controls a metallic look. 

Oh, and the sunvisors now have magnets to help them snap back into place.

2020 Tesla Model 3 Update

A new heat pump design for climate control is responsible for the biggest increase in battery range for the Model 3. All versions gain the potential for extra mileage based on WLTP testing. 

Performance has also improved, with the Model 3 now recording quicker 0-60mph times. 

Model 3  Old RangeNew Range0-60mph   
Standard Range Plus  254 miles 267 miles5.3 s 
Long Range   347 miles 360 miles4.2 s  
Performance 329 miles 352 miles3.1 s  

The updated Model 3 is available to order now through the Tesla website, with prices adjusted for the new revisions:

  • Model 3 Standard Range Plus: £40,490
  • Model 3 Long Range: £46,990
  • Model 3 Performance: £56,490


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