Tesla supercharger

Does Tesla want to become a UK electricity provider?

Tesla has applied for a licence to become a UK electricity generator in a move that could signal its entry into the UK energy market
Tesla Model S in red

Tesla launches 'Cheetah Stance' with Model S and Model X update

All Tesla Model S and Model X Performance models receive a free upgrade that includes a Cheetah Stance mode for even faster acceleration.
Tesla Model 3 UK orderingTesla

Tesla tax win: Model 3 is FINALLY road tax free

The UK government has corrected an oddity that saw Tesla Model 3 electric car drivers paying more for road tax (VED) than some petrol and diesel cars.
2020 Race Retro Tesla RoadsterSilverstone Auctions

You could buy this rare Tesla Roadster heading to auction

Early electric vehicle from Tesla is ready to cross the block as part of forthcoming 2020 Race Retro sale later this month
Tesla Cybertruck wouldn’t be legal in EuropeShutterstock

Why the Tesla Cybertruck won't be legal in Europe

The radical Tesla Cybertruck will require 'strong modifications to the basic structure' to be made legal for sale in Europe, according to a TUV expert.
Tesla stock jumps in priceShutterstock

Tesla shares pass £690, following leaps in value

Share prices for Tesla have more than doubled since a surge in stock values began in recent weeks. And the upward trend is predicted to continue.
Tesla Model S rangeShutterstock

Tesla Model S and X could offer 400-mile electric range soon

Tesla boss Elon Musk expects new variants of the Model S and Model X to gain higher ratings for range, hinting they could surpass 400 miles on a charge.
500,000 Teslas to be investigated

Half a million Teslas to be investigated after claims of unwanted acceleration

The investigation into Tesla follows more than 120 complaints from consumers about their cars, 110 crashes, and 52 resulting injuries.
Tesla Model 3 Thatcham security criticismShutterstock

Tesla Sentry Mode: How much battery does it use?

Sentry Mode sounds like a useful feature for securing your Tesla electric car, but there is a downside when it comes to battery use.
Tesla V3 supercharger in LondonTesla

Tesla’s 1,000mph V3 Supercharger has arrived in London

The latest 1,000mph, 250kW V3 electric car Superchargers from Tesla have come to Europe, with the first installed at Park Royal in London.