Travelling in London is FREE for New Year’s Eve

Central London fireworksTransport for London is making public transport FREE for New Year’s Eve 2018 revellers travelling from just before midnight until well into the early hours of New Year’s Day.

Fares will be lifted on bus, Tube, Tram, DLR, London Overground and TfL Rail services from 23.45 tonight (31 December 2018). 

TfL public transport will remain free until 04:30 on 1 January 2019.

However, bosses are warning those heading to London that it will be busy, so don’t assume your form of transport will be running. “Plan ahead before you travel” is the official advice. 

Saying that, most services are going to run later than normal, and replacement buses will be available where services are closed. 

Transport for London has created a New Year’s Eve 2018 travel page, with live updates for all forms of travel. This includes cycling, driving, taxis and minicabs, National Rail and River services. 

It also warns last-minute planners that only those who have a ticket for the Mayor of London’s New Year’s Even fireworks in central London will be allowed in. 

“If you do not have a ticket, there are plenty of other places to celebrate the New Year. For more information (including what you can bring to the event), visit”

Revealed: Motoring Research’s top stories of 2018

Lister LFP SUV

It’s that time of the year again when magazines, television channels and websites roll out their ‘greatest hits’ of the past 12 months. Those carefully curated lists of ‘top this’ and ‘best that’: prime fodder for when you’re suffering from mince pie fatigue and the Christmas sherry has turned your brain to mush.

Which is why we’re getting in on the act. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you, our most-read stories of 2018. Delivered, in time-honoured fashion, in revere order.

Click the headlines to read more.

20. 2019 Suzuki Jimny: what you need to know

All-new Suzuki Jimny

The Suzuki Jimny has owned 2018. While this preview piece creeps into our year-end round-up, the other Jimny articles – including our first drive in Germany – are all hovering just outside the top 20. Not bad for a sub-£20k 4×4 that is yet to hit the streets. It’s worth noting that the Jimny review is second only to the McLaren 600LT on the list of most-read new car reviews.

19. Blues and toes: Britain’s wildest new police cars revealed

In June, we visited the National Association of Police Fleet Managers show to see what a motor show for police officers is really like. Based on this evidence, we can’t get enough of a good police car, unless one happens to be filling your rear-view mirror.

18. The biggest and most flamboyant American cars

John Redfern loves a good American land yacht, and many of you seem to share his passion. If this feature is anything to go by, size does matter. Some wood helps, too.

17. Revealed: the biggest car brands in the world 2017

A straightforward top 25 list of the biggest car brands in the world, based on overall registrations in 2017. Thanks to the Corolla, RAV4 and Camry, Toyota sat at the top of the sales tree. We predict it will retain its throne when we repeat the gallery in 2019.

16. Diesel particulate filters: why are they a problem?

Diesel particulate filter warning light

A relatively new piece on a rather common problem. If you drive or are considering buying a modern diesel car, you need to be aware of the DPF and what impact it could have on your bank balance.

15. Why you are UNABLE to tax a car this weekend

Back in August, the DVLA carried out ‘essential system maintenance’, which meant anyone buying a car was unable to tax it and drive it home. This wouldn’t have been a problem when VED was transferrable. Cue lots of online chatter about the good old days…

14. How you can declare SORN instead of paying car tax

Speaking of tax, a month ago, Ethan wrote an informative piece on how to declare SORN when taking your car off the road for the winter. It secures 14th place on the list of our most-read items of 2018.

13. Jeremy Clarkson has named his car of the year

There are two names guaranteed to generate clicks: Jeremy Clarkson and Kim Kardashian. Imagine a headline containing both Clarkson and Kardashian. That’s guaranteed to break the internet.

12. Fifth Gear returns to TV on Quest

Tiff Needell

Wonders will never cease. A short news item on the return of Fifth Gear was read more times than the piece about Clarkson’s favourite car. Good news for Tiff, Jonny Smith and VBH.

11. The most economical new cars in 2018

Nobody loves wasting money, so if you fancy spending less time at the pumps in 2019, these are some of the cars you might want to consider. Alternatively, if you enjoy visiting petrol stations, why not buy a Monaro? Or a Bentley.

10. The cost of a car the year you were born

It’s an old piece, but it continues to deliver the goods. This nostalgic feature contains some rather evocative press photos, including a black and white shot of a Rover Vitesse and a Ford Lotus Cortina on three wheels. Hashtag clickbait.

9. Top 25 cheap classic cars to invest in

First published in January 2016, this feature on cheap(ish) classic cars remains relevant at the end of 2018. Most of the cars remain relatively affordable, but you’ll have fewer to choose from.

8. New Discovery rear end ‘transformed’ by a £1,200 number plate kit

New Land Rover Discovery

Would you spend £1,200 on a number plate kit for the new Land Rover Discovery? Based on the number of times this piece from the summer has been read, there are plenty of people who would.

7. Waze and Google Maps now in Apple CarPlay with iOS 12 update

Forget dreaming of a white Christmas, it would appear that many people were simply waiting for Apple CarPlay to add Waze and Google Maps functionality. Next year, we expect Apple CarPlay to include a Santa tracker.

6. Audi A4 1.4 TFSI 150 (2016): long-term review

Richard spent six months with an Audi A4. Fittingly, his long-term review secures sixth place on our list.

5. Can you drive your car after an MOT fail if the old test hasn’t expired?

If there was a prize for the longest headline, this would be in with a shout.

4. Ferrari, Cobra worth $4 million found in condemned NC garage

Woodworth Hagerty Garage Find

Back in January, John Moroney told the tale of a small collection of cars that were driven into a North Carolina garage in 1991 and then forgotten about for the next 26 years. It struck a chord, because the internet loves a good ‘barn-find’.

3. The must-visit events for car enthusiasts in 2018

This one is of no use to you now, but rest assured, we’re preparing a new version for 2019.

2. How to find the cheapest petrol and diesel near you

The articles in first and second position couldn’t be further apart in terms of content. One is about finding cheap fuel…

1. The world’s fastest SUV will be a 200 mph Lister

Lister LFP

While the other is focused on a 200mph SUV. News of the Lister LFP was by far and away our most-read story of 2018 and, by some margin, the one with the most comments. To be fair, you might need to know where to buy cheap petrol if you drive a 200mph SUV.

Happy New Year, and thanks for reading the words of Motoring Research in 2018.

McLaren Speedtail Bespoke Design Collections

Hypercar help: McLaren creates Speedtail design collections

McLaren Speedtail Bespoke Design CollectionsSpare a thought this festive period for those who have ordered a McLaren Speedtail. If worrying about whether a 250mph top speed is fast enough, now they have to think about paint colour and interior choices.

Although in all seriousness, when the range of options is essentially limitless, finding somewhere to start can be hard.

Helpfully, McLaren’s own Colour and Material design team has undertaken a special ‘curation’ exercise to try to shepherd Speedtail buyers towards something to fit their tastes.

Urbane and refined

McLaren Speedtail Bespoke Design CollectionsThe first collection has been titled ‘Urbane’ by McLaren, and is meant to invoke a discerning and sophisticated design language. This particular car from the collection wears the name ‘Stratosphere’.

That means the Speedtail’s exterior being finished in gloss 1K carbon fibre, showing off the exquisite weave of the lightweight material.

Light blue anodised aluminium is used for other exterior elements, with the central driver’s seat is also finished in light blue. The two passenger seats wear light grey trim, whilst the light blue anodised aluminium trim continues inside.

McLaren Speedtail Bespoke Design CollectionsIt’s also worth pointing out that, compared to the previous Speedtail images we’ve seen, these have a much softer and less clinical quality. In fact, they do quite a good job of imitating an Athena supercar poster from the 1980s.

Certainly not all at sea

McLaren Speedtail Bespoke Design CollectionsDoes the UK’s rich nautical history have a place inside a £2.1million hypercar? McLaren certainly thinks so, with this ‘Astral’ car from the ‘Visionary’ design collection.

Forget nautical stripes and anchor motifs though. The naval links only extend to the use of navy blue for the driver’s seat, with further swathes of the same hue used throughout the interior.

McLaren Speedtail Bespoke Design CollectionsThe exterior features a typically McLaren orange paint scheme, although the hue used is said to be bespoke. A nod to images of an RNLI lifeboat, perhaps? Although we doubt any lifeboat has ever worn naked carbon fibre and badges made from 18 carat white gold!

Dynamic and modern

McLaren Speedtail Bespoke Design CollectionsThe final collection is titled ‘Dynamic’, with the choices here said to be modern and make bold statements. Whilst we get the point, it’s also hard to wonder how a 1,050hp hypercar can do anything but be noticeable.

A car named ‘Bloodline’ certainly stands out, with the bespoke red paintwork ensuring nobody will be able to miss this carbon fibre creation. The diamond cut wheels even feature fancy light copper edging, whilst the brake calipers are finished in silver.

Red continues inside, with the driver’s seat finished in dramatic aniline leather. It contrasts deeply with the white leather used for the passengers seats and other areas of the cabin. A passing resemblance to the famed Marlboro racing livery is probably not a coincidence.

McLaren Speedtail Bespoke Design CollectionsWhatever choices the 106 buyers of the Speedtail plump for, they cannot argue they have been short on choice. A special Bespoke Liaison Manager will be appointed to each buyer, giving them someone to help guide and shape their choices.

With the first Speedtail deliveries beginning in early 2020, we still have a full year to wait before we see what colour combinations have been selected.

2019 Toyota A90 Supra Leaked Images Reveal

2019 Toyota Supra images leaked ahead of Detroit Auto Show debut

2019 Toyota A90 Supra Leaked Images RevealAfter seemingly months of endless teasing, these could finally be the images of the production-ready Toyota Supra we have all been waiting for.

Users of the internet forum reported having the pictures emailed to them. This came as a result of registering interest in the new 2019 Supra through Toyota Germany’s website.

Other forum users received the same photos, before the Toyota seemingly realised the mistake. Those registering now only receive an image of the Supra wearing a camouflage wrap instead.

Digital camouflage

As with any good internet forum, debate instantly raged as to whether the images were accurate.

The general consensus from users was that these were computer-rendered images of the A90 in European specification. Although doubts remain as to whether these pictures truly reflect the finished car, they do appear consistent with concept photos and previously leaked images.

>> The history of the Toyota Supra in pictures

An official debut is set for the 2019 Detroit Auto Show, which begins on the 14th January. This leaves internet and social media users a whole two weeks to argue about the legitimacy of the photos.

Supranational creation

2019 Toyota A90 Supra Leaked Images RevealWith such a long gestation period, many of the key details surrounding the new Supra are already common knowledge.

We know that it shares a platform and powertrain with the new BMW Z4, with a twin-turbocharged straight-six engine taken from the German manufacturer. Based on the video released earlier this month, it certainly sounds the part.

2019 Toyota A90 Supra Leaked Images Reveal

A launch in the United States gives a clear signal for which market will be important to the new Supra. Toyota will also use the Supra as the basis for its NASCAR Xfinity Series contender, replacing the current Camry.

If the latest images have you excited about the new A90 Supra, Toyota GB is already accepting deposits from potential buyers.

Forza Horizon 4

The best car toys for car people in 2018

Forza Horizon 4All car people are tired of the Christmas gifts that non-car people give us, like racing flag coffee cups or SUV-scented cologne. We peel back the paper, fake a warm smile, and think to ourselves, “It’s the thought that counts.”

Enough is enough, non-car people. We have been good all year. We have only politely encouraged car maintenance when you forgot it. We did not inform you of the correct way to turn left no matter how many times you did it wrong, nor did we regale you with the complete history of tail lights more than once. We deserve better presents.

What we deserve is one of the completely awesome car toys on this list. Most are for older children or adults. Some are downright dangerous. All of them, though, will get the automotive heart racing.

More from Motoring Research:

Scalextric Arc Pro Platinum GT

Scalextric Arc Pro Platinum GT

There is nothing more traditional than ripping the paper off a new slot car set and setting up the Christmas Day 500 around the tree.

The latest from slot masters Scalextric features racing for four players right out of the box (and up to six!). There is over 30 feet of track in the 1:32 scale set, four wireless controllers, and four spectacularly detailed cars: a Mercedes AMG GT3, a BMW Z4 GT3, a Aston Martin Vantage GT3, and a Porsche 911 RS.

Using an app, racers can manage brake and tire wear, fuel usage, lane changes, starts, pit stops, and even weather conditions.

Traxxas Rustler 4×4 VXL

Traxxas Rustler 4x4 VXL

The Traxxas Rustler is what every child knows a radio-controlled car is supposed to be. It has a crazy fast top speed of over 65 mph, does endless wheelies, leaps yards in the air off jumps, and is seemingly indestructible.

The 18-inch stadium truck has various gearing and battery combinations available that allow drivers to find the perfect blends of tire-shredding acceleration and top speed. It has a self-righting function that pops it back on the wheels in case freestyling ends upside down. Because of its insane speeds, the Rustler is designed to take serious abuse, with extra-rugged internals and a body designed to brush off rollovers and crashes.

Lego Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron Lego

When it’s too cold outside to fiddle with your real car, the Lego Bugatti Chiron is the next best thing. There are over 3,500 pieces in six individual boxes, and in our testing took more than 15 hours to build.

The finished model has LED lights at the front and an engine with working pistons. A key, modelled on an actual Bugatti key, is used to work the rear wing. 

Coleman CT200U Mini Bike

Coleman Minibike

There is nothing better than waking up on Christmas morning to find a puppy under the tree, and even better if the puppy is sitting on a minibike.

Coleman Powersports makes the world’s favorite pit vehicle easy and affordable, and the CT200U is the best of a good lot. An easy pull start lights up the 6.5-horsepower 196cc engine. Riding is easy thanks to a centrifugal clutch and wide, low-pressure tire. This thing is an absolute hoot for adults and kids alike (13 years and older, please), and even better when there are two under the tree.

Carrera Digital 124 Youngtimer Showdown

Carrera Digital 124

The first thing you notice when unpacking the Carrera Digital 124 set is how big it is. At 1/24 scale, the cars are about seven inches long. There’s 26 feet of track in the box, and the footprint needed to set it up is about 12 x 6 feet.

The detail on the cars at this size is astounding, and the the set goes together with Germanic solidity. Going digital allows wireless controllers, up to four cars on the track at once, and realistic racing with necessary pit and fuel stops. The tracks are fully expandable, also work with 1/32 scale cars, and other vehicles are available from nearly every marque in the world.

Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals Set

Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals Set

Tabletop car soccer? Sign us up!

Using a free app, drivers control vehicles Dominus and Octane through the arena and attempt to score goals. Or just senselessly wreck each other.

The app provides a deeper gaming experience as well as turbo control for the cars. The arena keeps things tidy and there’s a massive mat under it for a clean, lint-free surface to drive on.

The perfect gift for any office. Or the kids, of course. They might like this, too.

Tamiya RC Toyota Land Cruiser 40

Tamiya RC Toyota Land Cruiser 40

Tamiya’s RC Toyota is an incredibly realistic scale rock crawler. About 18 inches long, the model features a ladder frame just like the real thing, but with aluminum side channels and resin crossmembers.

There’s a rigid four-link suspension with aluminum rods front and rear, four-wheel drive with lockable differentials, and massive beadlock tires. Final gearing is 1:40.5 for ultimate control.

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4

The latest installment of Forza Horizon takes place in Britain. Players can experience over 450 cars, breathtaking landscapes, dynamic weather, and the change of seasons. We spent ample time with the game and came away duly impressed.

There are muscle cars to be raced on empty beaches, legendary German overlanders to crash through the brush, and even Bond cars featuring the gadgets they had in the movies.

Drivers can take a break from roaring through the English countryside to buy a house or search for elusive barn finds. This is truly delightful automotive escapism.

Amalgam Porsche 917 Salzburg

Amalgam Porsche 917 Salzburg

  • MSRP (pre-order): $685

Amalgam crafts some of the finest and most detailed model cars on planet Earth. Larger scale sizes can cost thousands of dollars, but ones like this incredible 1:18 Porsche 917 Salzburg are reasonably priced as special gifts to the collector.

The handcrafted model is approximately 10 inches in length and was created with the assistance of Porsche. Archived images and drawings were used to ensure the accuracy of materials and finishes. High-resolution digital scanning of the original car allowed the recreation of every detail. Both engineering and design teams scrutinize the final product to ensure perfection.

Amalgam’s Porsche 917 Salzburg will be available January 2019.

2018 Margay Brava 100 Kart

2018 Margay Brava 100 Kart

Racing is the apex of the automotive experience, and a fantastic way to join in at any age is karting. Senna, Schumacher, and Vettel all started out in karts, so there’s definitely something to it. There’s also the undeniable thrill of passing the competition at over 100 mph with your butt two inches off the ground.

Karts can be had brand new and ready to race like this Margay Brava, which comes complete with a IAME KA100 engine and is good for Junior (12-15) and Senior (15+) 2-Cycle classes.

There are many other karts and racing classes to suit different age groups and budget requirements, from kids as young as five to the Masters series for drivers 30 and over.

Margay and many other companies also have used karts available to slash the budget even further. An entire season of racing can be done—tires, spares, safety, and all—for less than the price of a used Kia.

There are tracks all over the country and many different sanctioning bodies that organize events.

This is more than a gift; this is the beginning of a lifetime of experiences.

McLaren F1 designer awarded CBE in 2019 New Year’s honours

McLaren F1 designer Professor Gordon Murray has been awarded a CBE in the 2019 New Year’s Honours, for services to motoring.

Murray’s honour of Commander of the Order of the British Empire comes after a 50-year career in automotive design.

South African-born Murray is still actively involved in the industry via his automotive design company Gordon Murray Design Limited.

“It is extremely humbling to receive a CBE in the Queen’s New Year Honours,” said Murray.

“I’ve spent more than 50 years doing what I love, working with a wealth of highly-talented and creative people around the world, but primarily in the UK.

“From the competing during the heyday of Formula One, to designing the world’s fastest supercar, I’ve loved every minute.”

Murray joined the Brabham Formula One Team in 1967 and, as technical director, won two world championships, in 1981 and 1983. He then moved to McLaren, winning another three world championships, in 1988, 1989 and 1990.

But Murray is perhaps most famous for his work at McLaren Car Limited, creating the legendary McLaren F1 road car. It later went on to race, winning the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1995 and two world sports car championship titles.

Gordon Murray Design was founded in 2005 and has designed, engineered, prototyped and developed several innovative vehicles. It is recognised for the “innovative and disruptive” manufacturing technology iStream.

Murray is also understood to be working on a brand new supercar

Kevin Fitzpatrick CBE

Other motor industry people honoured in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours 2019 include Kevin Fitzpatrick, one of the original 22 people who set up Nissan’s factory in Sunderland. Currently Nissan’s senior vice president for manufacturing in Europe, he has been awarded a CBE for services to manufacturing and engineering.

Nick Mason CBE

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason has also been awarded a CBE, for services to music. Mason is a well-known car enthusiast, regularly competing at Goodwood with his amazing collection of cars which includes a Ferrari 250 GTO.

For more than a decade, Mason has been president of the Guild of Motoring Writers, the world’s largest organisation for professional motoring journalists.

Williams Racing eSports 2018

Williams Racing triumphs in debut season of esports virtual racing

Williams Racing eSports 2018

The 2018 Formula One season has arguably been one to forget for Williams Racing, with an 8th place in Azerbaijan the team’s best result.

But if the achievements of the Grove-based outfit in the virtual racing world are anything to go by, the team need not be overly glum.

Despite only being formed in May 2018, the fledgling Williams Esports squad has amassed a substantial haul of race wins and even championship titles.

Ready, player one

Williams Racing eSports 2018

With the esports world growing at a dramatic rate, this is far more than teenagers playing video games in their bedroom.

Many of the championships feature popular games such as Gran Turismo Sport and Forza Motorsport. But esports racers compete against each other in dramatic arenas, using expensive gaming chairs and high-end steering wheel and pedal setups.

The Williams Esports team features a roster of 26 sim racing drivers, hailing from 10 nations across the globe. This year the squad has competed in a total of 20 different championships, including the FIA-sanctioned Gran Turismo Sport World Championship.

Where real and virtual worlds meet

Williams Racing eSports 2018

Williams sim racing driver Igor Fraga became the first-ever FIA Esports winner this year, taking victory in the inaugural GT Sport Nations Cup event in Monaco.

His success in this year’s GT Sport event meant attending the FIA Gala in St Petersburg, and receiving a trophy just like the winners of other major FIA championships.

For the 20-year-old Brazilian, competing in virtual racing is just another part of his motorsport career. He has previously competed in the real-world USF2000 series, and Formula 3 races in Brazil.

This fits neatly with the plans for the Williams Esports team, who have already explored the links between real and virtual racing. Nine of the 26 drivers on the roster have come from motorsport backgrounds, and have had the chance to experience the simulator used by actual F1 drivers.

For 2019, Williams Esports is looking to expand further by recruiting more drivers to the squad. This will mean an even wider array of championships to explore. Hopefully next year can bring success for the Williams team in both virtual, and real-world, racing.

‘Shocking’ rise in pothole reports revealed

Traffic cone in a potholeA freedom of information request by the RAC has discovered more than half a million potholes were reported to authorities for repair in 2017.

This represents a staggering increase of 44 percent in pothole reports in just two years.

The situation could be worse still, adds the RAC. Not all authorities provided data: extrapolate the numbers to include them, and the number of pothole reports in 2017 reaches almost 675,000.

“It is shocking to see the number of reported potholes in Britain has risen by nearly 50 percent in two years,” said RAC head of roads policy Nicholas Lyes. 

“Our own analysis of breakdown data shows the damage suffered by motorists is a constant source of frustration and expense, but the scale of the problem is obviously far greater than the numbers show.”

Lyes added motorists are now more inclined to report potholes than in previous years, “but we believe the sheer size of the increase is further proof the condition of our roads is worsening.”

English authorities saw the biggest increase in pothole reports, with a 55 percent rise. Wales increased 22 percent and Scotland rose just 2 percent between 2015 and 2017 (but 52 percent from 2014). 

Surprisingly, although pothole reports in London rose 21 percent between 2015 and 2017, they actually FELL 13 percent between 2014 and 2017.

Potholes: did you know?

Road workers fixing a pothole

Cuts to local authority budgets means regular inspections of roads is occurring less frequently than in previous years.

However, said the RAC’s Lyes, “when users report potholes, the onus is on the authority concerned to fix them or risk suffering subsequent compensation claims as a result of not doing so.

“For that reason, we urge everyone to report potholes, so that motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists and other road users don’t suffer the consequences.”

Local authorities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all have easy-to-use pothole reporting tools. Simply click on the links below, enter a postcode and follow the instructions.

McLaren MSO 720S Spa 1968 Collection

McLaren celebrates 50 years of Spa success with special 720S supercar

McLaren MSO 720S Spa 1968 Collection

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) has created yet another bespoke model, designed to celebrate the past successes of the Woking-based marque.

This time it is the 720S supercar which has been subject to MSO modifications, made in honour of one of the greatest race tracks in the world. The three lucky owners of the 720S Spa 68 Collection will get the chance to share in commemorating one of the iconic moments in McLaren history.

Company founder and namesake Bruce McLaren took the first ever Formula 1 win for the McLaren team at the 1968 Belgian Grand Prix. Held at the historic Spa-Francorchamps circuit, the venue and brand have been intertwined ever since.

Remembering June 1968

McLaren MSO 720S Spa 1968 Collection

That success in 1968 marked an important milestone for the McLaren team, and one which has seen the outfit becomes the second-most successful constructor at the Spa circuit. With 14 wins in the Belgian hills, only Ferrari has managed more F1 wins there.

To celebrate this, and Bruce McLaren’s historic 1968 victory, the three Spa 68 Collection examples of the 720S all wear the same Anniversary Orange paintwork, created by MSO.

This is, of course, a similar of orange to that worn by the race-winning McLaren M7A half a century ago. Carbon fibre sill covers feature the inscription of “1st McLaren F1 victory Belgian Grand Prix 9th June 1968 – Bruce McLaren”, ensuring there is no doubt as to what is being celebrated here.

The master of Spa-Francorchamps

McLaren MSO 720S Spa 1968 Collection

The 720S Spa 68 Collection features more than just orange paint though. An outline of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit – in the 14km layout as conquered by Bruce McLaren in 1968 – features ahead of the rear wheel arch.

The same outline also appears embroidered on the headrest of the sports seats inside each 720S. Anniversary Orange appears again on the ignition key, whilst a unique dedication plaque commemorates each of the three individual cars to be built.

A further use for Anniversary Orange comes in the contrasting thread used throughout the cabin. Externally, a set of twin-spoke lightweight alloy wheels in satin black make the exterior paint look even more dramatic.

Fifty years of Belgian success

McLaren MSO 720S Spa 1968 Collection

Should you want to own a piece of McLaren history, you’ll need to be quick. Two of the three cars have already been sold, leaving just one example available from McLaren Brussels.

Whatever the age of McLaren customer, there is undoubtedly a Spa victory that resonates with them. Whether it is that initial 1968 win with Bruce McLaren, through to Jenson Button standing on top of the podium in 2012, each generation will have their own memory.

However, one of the greatest wins must be that from 2000. Mika Häkkinen’s amazing three-wide overtake of Michael Schumacher at 200mph will forever be one of the most incredible moments in F1.

We can only await the release of the Häkkinen edition 720S with bated breath.