How to change the address on your vehicle log book online

Motorists who have moved house can now go online to change the address on their V5C vehicle log book in a new service from the DVLA

DVLA online services replace paper forms

Motorists who need to change the address on their V5C vehicle log book can now go online to update their details, rather than sending paper forms back to Swansea.

The DVLA says this cuts the time to receive a new log book from six weeks to five days.

The government agency receives around 1.5 million paper change-of-address vehicle log book forms every year.  

“We’re launching this service at a time when online services are becoming even more vital to help people get back on the road,” said DVLA chief executive Julie Lennard. 

“This new online service is quicker and easier than sending your log book to DVLA.”

Online updates for driving licences have been in place for several years: two in three people now use it rather than sending forms in the post.

Motorists can update address details on their log book in two minutes, claims the DVLA. The information they need to have on hand is:

  • Vehicle registration number
  • Log book document reference number
  • Postcode

The DVLA is currently running a campaign encouraging motorists to use online services rather than sending paper documents to its Swansea HQ.

In April, the organisation warned of “significant delays” for motorists due to the coronavirus crisis.

Earlier in the year, an automatic seven-month extension to photocard driving licences was granted to motorists whose cards were due to expire.

This was later extended to 11 months. The extension applies to both photocard licences and entitlements to drive. 


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