Practical Porsche: one-off transforms Boxster into shooting brake

Custom Porsche shooting brake

Looking at this customised Porsche, you might wonder whether it’s a 911 – and if so, which generation. Actually, it’s a ‘986’ Boxster – the original Boxster – that is gradually becoming a shooting brake-style estate. The project is the work of Van Thull Development, a specialist in composite bodywork and car customisation.

Despite the 986 being one of the cheaper, less glamorous Porsches, this car has the potential for a very bespoke and premium look. That’s because it borrows a lot from newer, higher-end Porsches.

At the front, it’s all ‘997’ 911 GT3 RS, while the rear side windows also look very 997-esque. Moving round to the rear, previous-generation ‘991’ 911 lights are used, in combination with a custom lower bumper that evokes the 997 GT3 RS.

Custom Porsche shooting brake

The shooting brake bodywork has been custom-made for this Boxster, while the rear window is borrowed from a humble Peugeot 407 SW wagon.

The engine specification is still unknown. Judging by the restorations and tune-ups the Dutch company performs on other Porsches, though, expect this Boxster to be a bit quicker than a typical 986.

This is a far more comprehensive build than Van Thull has attempted before. However, the primary cost here will be man-hours, given tidy 986 Boxsters can be bought for less than five figures in the UK.

Custom Porsche shooting brake

Most shooting brakes are very expensive niche products, from the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo to the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake.

If you don’t have those funds, this might be a more affordable ticket into the niche world of the performance shooting brake. We’ll continue to watch this one closely.

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