Ferrari Evoluto: is modifying a classic common sense or sacrilege?

Ferrari 348 by Evoluto

Evoluto Automobili aims to do for the Ferrari 348 what Singer does for the air-cooled Porsche 911. In its own words, it wants to ‘evolve a future classic’.

In our experience, you never know what to expect with modified classic cars. Quality can range from pricey perfection to something more shoddy. Happily, the Evoluto Ferrari 348 looks to be about as close as you can get to a ‘Singered’ 1990s Ferrari.

But it looks like a Ferrari F355!

Ferrari 348 by Evoluto

A Ferrari 348 serves as the basis for the car, but the aesthetic is very similar to its F355 successor – albeit on steroids. Wider wheels and tyres necessitate a broader stance, in order to put as much as 500hp to the ground.

The exhaust tip design replicates the sports systems seen on later Ferraris, including the 575M, 612 and F430. As per newer mid-engined Ferraris, a clear window to show off the engine is available.

Ferrari 348 by Evoluto

The aerodynamics are a touch more aggressive, with a serious diffuser out-back – similar in style to that used on the current 488. A front splitter joins the broadened F355-esque nose, and looks similar to the black item seen on the F12.

The side scoops are exaggerated, as is the lip spoiler at the back. The rear lights are crisp LED units that appear to be borrowed from the current GTC4Lusso and 812 models.

Overall everything that makes the F355 such a timeless design is applied and honed, but not beyond the boundaries of good taste. Very Singer…

What’s going on underneath?

Ferrari 348

Although the Evoluto is based on a 348, quite a lot is due to change. The body is completely new and all ‘next-generation’ carbon fibre. That will go some way to reaching an ambitious 1,000kg target weight.

Wider wheels and tyres will, we assume, be complemented by upgraded suspension components and a stiffer chassis.

Will it use a Ferrari engine?

Ferrari 348 by Evoluto

Evoluto actually canvassed its followers on what engine would best suit the car. What they’ve gone with is the 360 lump, extensively upgraded to a target of 500hp. That sounds like a lot given that the 360 Challenge Stradale was a leader in terms of horsepower per litre, with 420hp from its 3.6-litre V8. Race versions were allegedly capable of over 550hp when de-restricted, though, so there is room for improvement. 

In terms of transmissions, given Evoluto’s tagline involves ‘peak analogue’, expect this car to feature a six-speed gated manual front and centre – going some way to #MakeFerrariGreatAgain.

When can I buy one – and how much?

Ferrari 348

We don’t know yet, truth be told. Evoluto announced just today that it’s working on ‘Mule 1’, so you can’t buy one yet.

As for how much it will cost, when it comes to such labours of love, the sky is usually the limit. Singers can be well over £1 million, and with the new carbon bodywork and reworked 360 engine, we can’t imagine the Evoluto-fettled Ferrari 348 will be far behind. 

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