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Explained: changes to the driving theory test

From 28 September 2020, the driving theory test will include multiple-choice questions based on a video. Here's what you need to know.

Car dashboard warning lights: what do they mean?

Here's what the warning lights on your car dashboard are telling you. Pay attention, or your car could fail its MOT – or much worse.

What coronavirus precautions mean for your practical driving test

The DVSA has restarted practical driving tests, but Coronavirus means there will be changes to how they work on the big day

How to check driving test availability online

The driving test booking service has reopened and the DVSA is running a driving test availability service to help learner drivers

How to save fuel when driving

We took part in the WLTP Challenge, learning how to drive as efficiently as possible. Here are our top tips to save fuel – and money.

The hidden secrets of everyday motoring

From coloured cat's eyes to emergency diversion symbols, we explain the often seen but rarely understood sights of daily motoring.

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