Tesla phone caseAmazon

You can now get a Tesla iPhone case for £20

Tesla’s official Amazon page has put a massive discount on its iPhone cases. You can now dress your iPhone in Tesla hardware for as little as £20
Tesla now offers car insuranceMotoring Research

Tesla Model 3 long-term review: life with Elon Musk's make-or-break electric car

A US-based friend of Motoring Research has bought a Tesla Model 3. We’ll feed back his warts-and-all experiences with the new EV
Tesla's Model 3 is the most popular electric car to lease in the UKMotoring Research

The Tesla Model 3 is the UK's hottest EV to lease

As the Tesla Model 3 finally enters the UK market, it’s already making waves. It’s taken the top spot as the most popular electric vehicle to lease
Tesla Arcade ModeTesla

Tesla arcade mode goes live in dealers

The app is a development of the 'Teslatari' easter egg that debuted last year. The best bit? Tesla wants you to come into dealers and try it!
Tesla Model 3 UK orderingTesla

Tesla Model 3 on sale in UK: prices from £38,900

Tesla has opened ordering for the Model 3 in the UK - and confirmeed prices will start from £38,900... and that DOES include the Plug-in Car Grant discount
Tesla Model 3 EuropeGrzegorz Czapski /

Tesla Model 3 is Europe's best-selling EV

EV-peasy: Tesla Model 3 becomes Europe's best-selling pure electric vehicle in February in its first full month on the market.
Tesla Model YTesla

2019 Tesla Model Y: everything you need to know

The Model Y, Tesla’s fourth model and the car that completes its 'S3XY' range, has finally been revealed. Here's all the info you need
Tesla store in BarcelonaIvan Marc / Shutterstock

Tesla raises prices but keeps more stores open

Tesla is scaling back its store closure programme, but prices will rise by an average of 3 percent worldwide
Tesla Model 3 Consumer Reports reliabilityMotoring Research

Tesla Model 3: consumer watchdog withdraws its recommendation

Consumer Reports has removed its seal of approval for the Tesla Model 3 after reports of poor paintwork, cracked windows and faulty electronics
Tesla dog mode sentry modeTesla

Your Tesla will become dog-friendly and super secure overnight

Tesla's latest over-the-air update gives you a dog-friendly mode and a mode to turn your car into a giant four-wheeled surveillance system