2003 Volkswagen Golf TDI diesel

Opinion: push EVs with scrappage – but don’t forget the dirty diesels

The government should focus on getting dirty old cars off the road with any new scrappage scheme, not just putting clean news ones on it
The rise and fall of the Mondeo ManFord

Opinion: The rise and fall of Mondeo Man

What happened to Mondeo Man – the middle-England stereotype described by Tony Blair? Did he defect to a BMW 3 Series or climb into a crossover?
Honda e

Opinion: Why I've bought a new Honda e

One of our writers has already put down a deposit on a new Honda e electric car – even before anyone had reported what it's like to drive.
2021 Jaguar F-Type

Blue Monday 2020: why car buyers have got the blues

Cheer yourself up this Blue Monday with a blue car. It's fast becoming one of the most fashionable paint colours for new models.
The wrong people are buying electric carsMercedes-Benz

Opinion: The wrong people are buying electric cars

A new report shows that 87 percent of electric car drivers are middle-aged men. Our man thinks that's a problem for the electric vehicle industry.
parking fines petrol stationShutterstock

Opinion: You’re spending too long at the petrol station

If you're spending long enough at a petrol station to warrant a parking fine, you should make like a celebrity and get outta there.
Lara Croft wax modelAnton_Ivanov / Shutterstock.com

Today's non-Cybertruck news: Lara Croft, snow sticks and a stuck Skoda

The Tesla Cybertruck has been unveiled in Los Angeles and has been trending on Twitter ever since. Here are some of the ‘big’ stories you might have missed.
Volkswagen Golf RToby Parsons / Shutterstock.com

Opinion: Is the Volkswagen Golf R the ‘new Cosworth’?

Journalist Harry Metcalfe has tweeted a list of cars stolen in the Cotswolds. Of the 32 cars, a third are Volkswagen Golf R hatchbacks and estates.
Morris JE electric vanMorris Commercials

Opinion: Why must we go back for the future?

The Morris Commercial JE electric van is a reimagining of the British classic J-type van of the 1950s. Why are we looking back to go forwards?
STOP binning car service historiesShutterstock

Opinion: STOP binning car service histories

A full service history is a biographical insight into a car's past. But in this age of GDPR, some documents are becoming a thing of the past.