UK car sales up 3.3% post Brexit vote

UK car market booms despite Brexit vote

New car registrations increase – but fewer private purchases are being made
Toyota Burnaston

Britain has built 1 million cars already in 2016

More evidence that Britain still builds cars – and they're cars that people eagerly want
Nissan Great Britain

Brexit Remain vote ‘critical’ warns UK car industry

European Referendum: SMMT delivers ‘clear statement’ on UK automotive industry position
White van

Britain's white vans top 4 million for the first time

Internet shopping is driving a boom in the number of vans on UK roads says the SMMT
Volvo autonomous driver

1 in 2 new cars already have autonomous tech

Self-driving cars may be here sooner than you think: 1.5 million new cars have the tech to make them a reality
Van safety needs to be addressed, warns SMMT

HALF of vans on British roads officially deemed ‘unsafe’

The SMMT has revealed shock figures that expose worryingly poor levels of safety among Britain’s van users.

Top 10 UK best-selling car deals

Britain is buying new cars again - MR looks at the top 10 hot deals that may be tempting them...