The 5 best new car optional extras revealed

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Most new car options are not worth anything to secondhand buyers, meaning you won’t get a penny back from your up-front spend on the used car market.

There are, however, a couple of options that are worth having, says used car expert Rupert Pontin. He’s thus revealed his five must-haves if you don’t want to lose all your option outlay when you sell your car.

“Apart from these five, almost nothing that can be added to a vehicle has any real value,” he said.

“Even some options that are very expensive, such as advanced safety features and upgraded audio systems, offer little or nothing.” 

His advice if you’re thinking about adding options to your new car? “Unless you really want them, don’t waste your money.”

The five optional extras worth having

1: Sat nav

Rapidly being seen as almost an essential feature on any premium car, says Pontin, and increasingly for vehicles below. If your luxury car has a basic system as standard, the optional upgraded sat-nav with bigger screen and better mapping will add value.

2: Bigger alloy wheels

Wheels have the biggest visual impact on a car after colour, says Pontin. Bigger wheels improve the forecourt appeal of every vehicle.

3: Panoramic roof

A definite plus point, reckons Pontin: it both looks more appealing and adds extra light into the cabin that boosts everyday driving.

4: Bluetooth / car integration

Systems such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are essential for younger buyers who consider controlling their smartphone while on the move a deal maker (or breaker). “The better the phone integration, the faster the sale.”

5: Air conditioning / climate control

Very few cars are sold without air con these days, says Pontin: it’s very difficult to sell cars without it. “At the upper end of the market, having climate control rather than bog-standard air con is important.”


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