2035 petrol and diesel ban could be brought forward to 2030Shutterstock

Can diesel engines CLEAN urban air?

A rather shocking report finds that, depending on the environment a diesel car is operating in, it can actually clean the air it’s driving through.
deaths linked to toxic air pollution citiesShutterstock

One in 19 urban deaths linked to air pollution

A new study estimates more than one in every 19 deaths in UK cities is related to air pollution, although not all of it comes from cars.
Brake dust emissions as bad as dieselShutterstock

Brake dust as toxic as diesel fumes, warn scientists

New research has found particulate emissions from your car's braking system could be just as harmful as those from diesel engine exhausts.
Emissions reduction congestion charge zoneShutterstock

How much have congestion zones improved air quality?

Carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide levels in the London Congestion Charge zone are down by nearly two thirds since the daily fee was introduced.
Electric cars not enough to improve air quality in isolationShutterstock

Electric car uptake 'not enough in isolation' to improve air quality

New figures on air quality (or the lack thereof) in urban environments have lead some to conclude that everyone driving electric cars won't be enough
SUV emissions outweigh EV benefitsShutterstock

Sales of SUVs ‘making a mockery’ of emission policies

The massive popularity of ‘energy-consuming’ SUVs means that the emission benefits of new electric cars are being outweighed.
California will no longer buy petrol-only carsFord

California will no longer buy gasoline-only cars

The State of California will no longer buy vehicles solely powered by internal combustion, so says the California Department of General Services (DGS)
Should SUVs be banned from company car fleetsAudi

Should SUVs be banned from company car fleets to cut CO2?

A new report reveals the rise in popularity of SUVs as one of the largest contributors to increases in CO2 emissions around the world.
Porsche 718 Boxster S

Porsche vindicated? 718 Boxster S scores top ‘A’ rating for NOx emissions

Controversial four-cylinder engine gains best-possible score in independent EQUA Index NOx tests
Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen loses £1.4 billion in 2015 due to emissions scandal

VW AG in massive profits turnaround from €12.7 billion profit to €1.3 billion loss