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MOT emissions test failures DOUBLE since tougher standards introduced

New MOT emissions test rules came into force on May 20 2018 and since then, failures of the test have doubled

The Mercedes Project One hypercar is having problems with emissions

Mercedes-AMG is having trouble repurposing the F1-derived engine in Project One for road use, with a stable idle and acceptable emissions proving elusive

Car emissions targets to get tougher as EU tackles climate change

EU ministers are due to tighten exhaust emissions targets for 2025 and beyond, in spite of pressure from the car industry

Road to Zero emissions plan revealed by government

By 2030, half of all new cars should be ultra low emission

Mercedes-Benz forced to recall cars over diesel emissions

More than 770,000 cars across Europe could be affected

TRUE Rating ‘NCAP for car emissions’ launched

The Real Urban Emissions initiative will ‘reveal the gap between test and real world vehicle emissions’

Every new BMW diesel now has an SCR emissions-cleanser

Petrol engines are getting particulate filters too

Opinion – Checking your exhaust emissions: mission impossible?

"Nobody has any idea what the Euro 4, 5, 6 standards are all about, let alone which category their car falls into"

BMW ‘categorically rejects accusations’ of diesel emissions cheat

Reports suggest BMW had been colluding with other German manufacturers