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New car CO2 emissions rising due to ‘inconvenient truth’ of SUVs

Car manufacturers are failing to address a need for reduced new car CO2 emissions due to ever-growing demand for money-making SUVs

Tesla Model S HEARSE launched for zero-emissions eco-funerals

A growing demand for eco funerals has led UK specialised Coleman Milne to develop the Binz.E electric hearse based on a Tesla Model S

DS is the only premium brand to escape EU emissions fines

DS Automobiles has achieved fleet CO2 emissions of just 79.9g/km. It's the only premium marque to meet EU targets – and avoid hefty penalties.

York wants to be the UK’s first zero-emissions city

York plans to become Britain’s first 100 percent zero-emissions city. This would mean only allowing pedestrians, bicycles and EVs within its walls.

Tyre pollution could be 1,200 times WORSE than exhaust emissions

A new study has revealed that emissions from your tyres could actually be 1,200 times worse than those coming from your car’s exhaust.

The car companies with the lowest CO2 emissions in Europe

Average CO2 emissions for European markets are at their highest since 2014. We reveal the cleanest and dirtiest car companies

Tyre emissions 1,000 times WORSE than exhausts

Testing has revealed a shocking levels of particulate emissions from tyres, by comparison to those allowed from car exhausts

Bloodhound 1,000mph car to use ZERO EMISSIONS rocket

The Bloodhound land-speed record car is going green, with a zero-emissions rocket, biofuel in its Eurofighter engine, plus electric motors instead of V8s.

High emissions to halt Suzuki Jimny sales

Incoming EU emissions laws have led Suzuki to stall sales of the Jimny SUV in Europe. Reports suggest it may be reclassified as a commercial vehicle.