BMW 520d

Every new BMW diesel now has an SCR emissions-cleanser

BMW 520dBMW now fits Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) exhaust convertor to every single diesel model it sells. Considered the most effective NOx-reduction system on sale, all 1 Series, 2 Series, 3 Series and 4 Series will now get SCR technology as standard.

Branded BMW BluePerformance, the SCR system uses AdBlue injection to neutralise NOx emissions before they leave the exhaust tailpipe. The firm hopes this will convince diesel naysayers that the fuel still has a place – although with public mood against it, the firm has an uphill battle.

For some models, it’s not simply been bolt-on technology. The X1 xDrive18d and sDrive18d both now have a new dual-fed exhaust system to incorporate the BMW BluePerformance setup.

It is hoped this move will stop buyers switching to petrol and help keep overall brand CO2 emissions in check. But for those who really now don’t want to be seen in a diesel, BMW’s taking steps to quell the emissions of its petrol models as well.

Today’s high-pressure direct-injection petrol engines can, like diesels, be susceptible to the production of NOx emissions. BMW is now thus fitting a petrol engine particulate filter to the 420i Coupe, 430i Coupe and X1 sDrive18i. They join the 220i Coupe, 230i Coupe (and Convertible equivalents) plus the new X3 xDrive20i in offering filters.

Even the BMW i8 Coupe and new Roadster will now get a petrol particulate filter. One of the greenest sports cars in the world, it seems, still has potential to get a bit greener still.

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