Amazing wood-carved cars are the perfect lockdown project

Woodworking Art

Tired of colouring in pictures of cars? LEGO kits too expensive? Well, you can play coronavirus lockdown car craft on ‘expert mode’ by emulating this artist instead.

He carves scale models of cars from wood, without using a template.

The videos on his channel, Woodworking Art, are just that. These aren’t simply wooden bucks sculpted vaguely into the shape of a car.

As you can see, he goes into detail, building the vehicle up from the roof, side pieces and carved components.

His tools range from large industrial wood-cutting machines to the smallest chisels, the latter for carving precise details.

The models are interactive, too. As you can see in the Land Cruiser video, the doors and boot open, while the wheels turn and the steering works at the front.

He also does his work with a wide variety of cars. Everything from the workhorse Toyota Land Cruiser to the presidential Cadillac limousine – along with a classic Cadillac convertible, complete with tail fins.

Bringing it back to LEGO, there’s also a Bugatti Chiron: a car we built as a 3,600-piece LEGO Technic kit on video.

Obviously the Woodworking Art recreation doesn’t have that many pieces, but the level of skill and sculpture makes up for that. Out of a solid block of wood comes a convincing recreation of Bugatti’s 260mph hypercar.

The most amazing thing is, there really are no instructions. The artist is working by hand, using pictures of the car for reference. It’s not like the Lego kit, where there’s a bag of components and an extremely detailed step-by-step guide to assembly. 

If one or all of these models takes your fancy, but you’re not a high-level woodworker, fear not. It explains in the video descriptions that the models are for sale. They’re available ‘all over the world’ – all you need to do is email to receive them. 


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