Watch an artist EXPLODE an Audi R8 down to its V10

Audi R8 exploded view

Artist Fabian Oefner has created an artwork with the Audi R8, ‘exploding’ it into its component parts in a freeze-frame profile image. It’s part of Audi USA’s celebration of 10 years of the R8 V10 engine.

This isn’t Oefner’s first piece of this kind. Recently, he worked with Lamborghini to create a similar piece with the iconic Miura. Before that, he did the Porsche 956 Group C prototype.

To create the image was a long and labour-intensive process. None of which involved detonating explosives within the bowels of an R8…

Multiple photographs, multiple angles, multiple components – all are combined and digitally stitched together. 

As you can see from the video, while the image itself is a digital creation, the disassembly of a real R8 actually occurred. And modern cars have far more individual components than those of years gone by

10 years of the V10-powered R8

The V10-engined R8 turns 10 this year, and Audi has also celebrated with 222 R8 ‘Decennium’ editions. 

Nothing encapsulates ‘halo model’ quite like this V10-amidships screamer sharing showroom space with hatchbacks, executive saloons and crossovers.

However, it’s rumoured the next R8 could be all-electric and wear an ‘E-tron’ badge. We’ll miss it when it’s gone, that’s for sure.

You can buy print of this image for $24.95 from Audi USA’s website. It’s likely to cost a little more for those of us on the European side of the pond, after postage and currency exchange.

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