Lego Bugatti ChironWe’ve only gone and got ourselves a Bugatti Chiron to test. OK, it’s not the actual, 1,500hp, £2million+ hypercar. Nor when you buy a real Chiron, does Bugatti ask you to build the car yourself.

We are, of course, talking about the Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron – and it’s very nearly as cool as the real thing.

Motoring Research’s photo and video guru, Bradley, fancied himself as a junior Bugatti technician, so we handed the Bug-build over to him.

The car is comprised of 3,599 individual pieces, contained within six boxes. The process is spread over 970 steps and took Bradley more than 15 hours to complete – handily caught on video and condensed into 15 minutes here.

It was a project that seemed nightmarish to the rest of us, but Bradley enjoyed it. And seeing the finished car makes all his labours worthwhile. He’s certainly happy with the end result.

The attention to detail is stunning, from the LED light clusters at the front to the tan interior and engine with working pistons. Drive, reverse or neutral gear options dictate how quickly those pistons leap around in the cylinders when you roll it along.

At the back, the real magic happens. A ‘key’ of sorts, modelled on an actual Chiron key, can work the wing and air brake.

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Our Chiron comes with its very own serial number, as they all do, which can be used on the Lego Technic website to unlock special content.

Next up, we’re hoping to tackle James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5. Pretty please, Lego?

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