New website helps key workers find local car services

The KeyworkerGarages website is designed to ensure the nation's frontline key workers keep moving during the coronavirus crisis.

Website for key workers

A website has been launched to help key workers find motoring services during the coronavirus outbreak. Called, the site is designed for NHS workers, the police, delivery drivers and so on.

Upon entering the website, you enter your postcode to find a list of services that are open for business. These organisations have confirmed they are supporting key workers during the crisis, but you’re advised to call before making a journey. Full contact details are provided on the website.

The services include maintenance, repairs and tyre fitting. Businesses not listed on the website are invited to contact Cazana – the company behind the idea.

Tom Wood at Cazana said: “This is a challenging time for both the automotive industry and all those who are on the front line fighting this pandemic and we wanted to do something as a team to help both the nation’s essential key workers and the dealer service departments remaining open.

“I’m massively proud of the team here at Cazana who have been collecting data and have built this new site over the past week with the intention of helping people to stay mobile during this crisis.”

NHS workers can get 75 percent rebate on temporary car insurance during covid crisis

MOTs due on or after 30 March 2020 have been extended by six months, but the government has advised that it’s your responsibility to keep your vehicle safe to drive. The MOT will be automatically extended – you do not need to do anything for this to happen.

Meanwhile, some car manufacturers are offering services to keep key workers moving. For example, Toyota and Lexus have teamed up with the AA to provide free roadside assistance cover – regardless of how old a car or van might be.

Last week, Vauxhall announced it is offering the same service to NHS staff who drive one of its cars. “Keeping our NHS colleagues mobile is vital,” said Vauxhall MD Stephen Norman.

The government’s list of key workers can be found here.

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