Yes, Tesla Tequila is actually a real drink

Elon Musk originally mentioned the spirit as an April Fool’s Day joke in 2018. Now it has become a reality.

Tesla Tequila

It might sound like a joke, but electric car manufacturer Tesla has genuinely moved into the tequila market. 

The Californian company quietly added the $250 (£190) Tesla Tequila, produced by the boutique Nosotros distillery, to its website last week. 

Despite the high price, the enthusiasm of Tesla fans has already seen the limited-edition spirit sell out.

Supercharging the spirit world

Tesla Tequila

Selling alcohol may seem like a surprising move for a car company. It certainly goes against the typical anti-drink driving message.

However, like many of the company’s more radical moments, the idea first came from a tweet by Tesla CEO, Elon Musk.

As an April Fool’s Day joke in 2018, Musk made reference to ‘Teslaquila’ as having caused his inebriation. He later shared mocked-up images of a Tesla-branded spirits bottle. 

Slightly more than two years later, the company announced Tesla Tequila, complete with an impressive lightning-shaped 750 ml branded bottle.

None for the road now

Tesla Tequila

Using blue agave, sourced from the Mexican state of Jalisco, the drink is described as “featuring a dry fruit and light vanilla nose, with a balanced cinnamon pepper finish”.

Tesla fans around the world are likely to be disappointed, however. Notwithstanding that the 40% ABV spirit is already sold out, it will only be sold in selected American states. 

Those sad to have missed out can console themselves with other Tesla-branded items from the company’s online store. 

These range from a $50 (£38) logo sweatshirt, through to a $250 (£190) model of the forthcoming Tesla Roadster. A miniature desktop USB-equipped Tesla Supercharger can also be found amongst the accessories. 

Only time will tell as to whether the company will add Tesla-branded shot glasses to the merchandise range…


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