Tesla Model 3 on sale in UK: prices from £38,900

Tesla Model 3 UK ordering

The Tesla Model 3 is finally within grasp for UK buyers, as the order books and configurator open for the right-hand drive version of Tesla’s volume seller. With that, also comes the answer to the question everyone’s been asking…

How much is the Tesla Model 3 in the UK?

The Tesla Model 3 will start from £38,900 in the UK. That’s for the Standard Range Plus model, including the £3,500 Plug-in Car Grant (and an £850 delivery charge).

For that, you get 258 miles of (estimated) WLTP-rated range, a top speed of 140mph and a 5.3-second 0-60 mph capability. No word yet on the base model, which Elon Musk reckons will cost £33,000…

Long Range AWD and Performance models will start from £47,900 and £56,900 respectively. That’s right, without the £3,500 electric car grant, the Performance Model 3 is a £60,000 car.

All Model 3s are warrantied for four years up to 50,000 miles. The battery and drive unit is warrantied for 8 years or 100,000 miles in the entry-level car, and 120,000 miles for the Long Range and Performance models.

What do you get for your money?

Tesla Model 3 UK ordering

Note: LHD model pictured, edited to get a feel for RHD

All Model 3s come with Autopilot, which allows partially supervised (hands on the wheel) autonomous driving, with automatic accelerating and braking.

The Standard Range Plus model comes generously equipped out the box, with 12-way adjustable heated seats, a decent audio system and navigation included.

Higher-end models get the Premium Interior Package, satellite view on the navigation, premium 14-speaker audio and in-car internet.

What’s the UK Model 3 performance and range like?

In the Standard Range Plus model, you get 258 miles of (estimated) WLTP-rated range, a top speed of 140mph and a 5.3-second 0-60 mph capability.

Long Range AWD and Performance models will go for 348 and 329 miles respectively, based on an estimated WLTP rating. The Long Range reach 60mph in 4.5 seconds on its way to 145mph, while the Performance is good for 3.2 seconds to 60mph, on the way to a top end of 162mph.

The trade-off in the Performance and Long Range models, is weight. Both are over 200kg heavier than the entry-level car.

How much will a Tesla Model 3 cost to charge?

Tesla Model 3 UK ordering

What you will be paying for, is juice. While the Supercharger network is there for your use in a Model 3, you will be paying for every ‘fill-up’. Model S and X owners get free usage of Tesla’s infamous network of chargers.

So how much is a full charge in a Model 3? Based on Tesla’s calculator, you won’t be out any more than £30 to ‘fill up’ any Model 3.

Tesla’s cost calculator reckons 400 miles of driving would cost £63 in petrol and quotes £29 for the equivalent in electricity. That’s based on an assumed internal combustion MPG figure of 32.7, at £1.14 per litre. Fuel is a bit more expensive these days, too…

What options are available on the Model 3?

The Model 3 has a choice of wheels and colours, but it’s not going to be troubling the Fiat 500 for supremacy in personalisation and customisation.

Larger 19-inch Sport wheels are a £1,450 option for the Standard Range Plus and Long Range AWD cars. Out of the box, you get 18-inch ‘Aero’ wheels, which we happen to be fans of… The Performance gets 20-inch ‘performance’ wheels, obviously.

In terms of paint, midnight silver and deep blue are available for a £950 premium. Multi-coat red and pearl white are a bit pricier, at £1,900.

When can I have one?

Tesla Model 3 UK ordering

Tesla’s site says ‘estimated delivery: June’ at the moment, and first in the queue will be those who placed an early reservation.

Get your orders in quick if you want one, as there’s sure to be a lot of demand. Especially considering how many have had a downpayment outstanding for a couple of years now…

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