Should vaping and driving be banned?

Vaping while driving

A poll has revealed that over 70 percent of motorists want vaping while driving to be banned. A total of 350 people took part in the survey on an independent car retailer’s website. At present there is nothing to stop drivers vaping behind the wheel, nor is it illegal to smoke and drive.

However, the Children and Families Act of 2015 made it illegal to smoke in a car with children in it, for both the driver or any other adults. The driver is also at fault for not preventing other occupants from smoking with children in the car.

Vaping while driving

Similarly, smoking, along with vaping, comes under a list of things that can be considered distractions while driving. At an observing officer’s discretion, smoking or vaping can be considered distractions linked to driving without due care and attention. They join loud music, eating and drinking, and arguing with passengers or other road users on the list of distractions. 

Driving without due care and attention can land you with a hefty fine. What’s more, a vape could be considered an electronic device. The former offence with the addition of an electronic vape could cost you up to £2,500, land you with penalty points or, at worst, disqualification.

Would a ban on vaping while driving create a slippery slope? Would (or should) a ban on smoking, eating or drinking while driving follow shortly thereafter? It’s an interesting question…

Vaping while driving

“While there are no laws banning vaping in this country, considering the sheer volume of traffic on our roads it is paramount that we are all in control of our cars at all times,” said Mark Carpenter, CEO of Motorpoint. 

“Which is why, just like mobiles, we’re seeing a growing call from all sides for all hand-held devices that could potentially be used behind the wheel to be banned from our roads.”