Porsche Charging Services App

Porsche launches new smartphone app to help charge EVs

Porsche Charging Services App

Following the announcement that Porsche’s first all-electric car will be called the Taycan comes news of the Porsche Charging Service app.

Intended for use with plug-in hybrid or full electric cars, the app aims to simplify the process of finding a charger to top-up your battery.

The Charging Service app will first search out the nearest charging point to the current location of the driver. It then makes use of the car’s navigation system to guide the driver to the available charger. The app will also provide information about the cost of each charging point, helping drivers decide which is the most suitable

Once at the charger, the app will also handle all aspects of payment itself. This is done by scanning a QR code on the charger, or by using a ‘Porsche ID Card’ which issued for free to registered users.

By registering payment details with the Charging Services app, the cost for using the selected charging point can be handled by it. Porsche claims this will be of real value when travelling through different countries, avoiding the need to worry about creating new accounts for specific locations or currencies.

Available free to users of both Apple iOS and Android smartphones, currently the app covers users in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Finland. Porsche promises that the app will be expanded to include other countries throughout the course of 2018.

Porsche admits the app can be used by those who own other brands of electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. So even if you’re not a Porsche owner, you can at least charge your car as if you are one.

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