Ferrari tuner reveals first modified Tesla Model 3

Novitec Tesla Model 3

Famous Ferrari tuner Novitec has turned its attention to Tesla, with the latest Model 3, now Europe’s best-selling EV, getting an aggressive new look.

A Model 3 with added attitude

Novitec Tesla Model 3

The Model 3’s visual makeover consists mainly of carbon aero addenda.

At the front, a new splitter reduces lift at high speed. A rear lip spoiler and diffuser help balance it out, and match the carbon side skirts.

The wheels have been changed for 21-inch forged items from Vossen. The spokes are curved and aerodynamically shaped like a windmill, helping to vent the brakes. They can polished or brushed, in one of 72 different colours.

Dropping the Tesla onto these bulbous new wheels is aluminium sports suspension, which lowers the car by up to 40mm.

A more subtle 30mm drop is available if you choose the spring upgrade in combination with stock dampers.

Reduced drag due to the lower ride height can reduce power consumption on long-distance drives by up to seven percent, says Novitec.

Trimming a Tesla like a supercar

Novitec Tesla Model 3

Novitec is known for its lavish and luxurious interiors. The Model 3 gets the full works, with leather and Alcantara available in any colour you wish. The carbon dashboard also adds a more exotic feel to the Model 3’s futuristic cabin.

A subtle upgrade seems unlikely from the company responsible for monstrous N-Largo modified McLarens and Ferraris, but Novitec has enhanced the Model 3 with the deftest touch.

An already agreeable looking car just got a very well-measured dose of attitude.

Novitec Tesla Model 3

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