New Covid health app is McLaren Racing-approved

The Guestia app is being used by the McLaren F1 to keep its team personnel safe and the creators now aim to do the same for race spectators

Guestia McLaren F1 app

A new app already being used by the McLaren Racing F1 team aims to help bring spectators back to live motorsport by helping race organisers easily track the health status of those visiting their circuit.

The Guestia app claims to provide a real-time solution to managing racetrack attendance – and quickly alert organisers to the health status of app users.

Users can record temperature measurements, self-report symptoms, input Covid test results and enter full contact details.

It can ensure those visiting an event fill in all required information before actually attending.

It also includes contact tracing functionality via a smartphone’s Bluetooth contact detection.

Guestia McLaren F1 app

The app is currently being used by the McLaren F1 team. Race operations director Mark Norris said it allows the racing team to plan all individual travel and logistical arrangements.

“The platform enables McLaren to provide real-time information to all team members about the changing situation.”

Vulnerable people can be contacted quickly where necessary, effectively providing real-time communications with users.

“The app is the first of its kind,” said Guestia’s Nigel Essam.

“It’s the ideal solution for the events and hospitality sector to be able to safely reintroduce guests back to motorsport.”  


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