Are these the most unusual road signs in Britain?

We round up some of the most confusing road signs in Britain – and explain what they mean. Are you bamboozled by these signs?

Campaign to sort road signs

A leasing company has identified what it believes are the most unusual road signs in Britain. It is urging motorists to “brush up on their road sign knowledge to avoid getting caught out”.

This comes as learner drivers prepare to take their driving test following the easing of lockdown measures. Driving test have restarted in England and will restart in Wales on Monday 17 August.

Driving tests remain suspended in Scotland. Theory tests have restarted in England, Scotland and Wales.

A spokesperson for, the company behind the road sign research, said: “As drivers take to Britain’s roads for day trips and staycations, they may discover road signs they haven’t seen before.

“There really is a sign for every occasion, each one with the job of keeping roads, drivers and passengers safe. Many of the signs can be interpreted quite well – if you can hazard a guess you’re probably not far off – however some of the ones we’ve researched are a bit more obscure.”

Are you familiar with the following road signs?

Traffic may reach the same destination by passing either side of the sign

Pass either side road sign

Electrified overhead cable ahead

Overhead electric cables road sign

Opening or swing bridge ahead

Opening or swing bridge ahead

Slippery road ahead

Slippery road ahead

Wild animals likely to be in road ahead

Wild animals road sign

Vehicles carrying explosives prohibited

Vehicles carrying explosives prohibited

Slow moving military vehicles likely to be crossing or in the road

Slow moving military road signs

Risk of grounding at a railway or tramway level crossing or hump backed bridge

Risk of grounding road sign

Click here for more information on road signs and what they mean.

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  1. I wish somebody could finally convince Shropshire Council that the slippery road sign does not signify a series of bends ahead.


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