The most expensive and cheapest job titles for car insurance

Cheapest and most expensive car insurance

You’ll be asked for your occupation when you arrange a new car insurance policy. But how much does your job title impact on the cost of your cover?

The fact is, insurance companies consider some occupations to be higher risk than others. The difference between the cheapest and most expensive policy could be as much as £200. You’re not going to change your job on the strength of an insurance quote, but the results of this latest survey make for interesting reading.

According to data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), BBC and Statista, the average UK driver is 38, owns a Volkswagen Golf, travels around 7,600 miles a year, has a comprehensive policy and no previous accidents to their name.

Armed with this information, researchers at Vanarama used a price comparison website to analyse 100 different occupations. The personal details were the same for each quote – only the job title changed.

Interestingly, car-based occupations provide the bookends for the table. The most expensive occupation is a professional driver, with the quote coming in at £479.80. Meanwhile, at the opposite end of the table, a mechanic pays £298.61. These are average figures – there are many variables, such as postcode, where the car is parked at night and other names on the policy.

Overall, drivers in public sector and hospitality occupations pay the most for insurance, while those with desk-based professions pay the least. Here, we reveal the most expensive job roles, followed by the least expensive.

Most expensive job titles for car insurance

Professional driver

RankingJob titleAnnual insurance cost
4.Bar staff£381.69
5.Fitness instructor£381.15
7.Social worker£372.87
8.Travel agent£372.72

Least expensive job titles for car insurance


RankingJob titleAnnual insurance cost
4.Design engineer£312.91
5.Account executive£313.37
6.Commercial manager£313.63
9.Account manager£315.29
10.Financial analyst£315.75


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