Young driver with a T-plate

T-plates trialled for young drivers with telematics car insurance

One in two young drivers feel pressured by other motorists, so Co-op is trialling T-plates to help those with telematics insurance feel safer.
September is a peak month for car insurance renewals

More motorists risk car insurance ‘loyalty tax’

There has been a 40 percent rise in motorists letting their car insurance auto-renew without checking prices – who could be out of pocket by up to £289
Isuzu D-Max car crash

Car insurance claims halved during lockdown

Between April and June 2020, motor insurance claims plunged 48 percent to 324,000, reflecting fewer journeys made during lockdown
Haggle for cheaper insurance

Motorists are letting their car insurance auto-renew – and it's costing them a fortune

Around a fifth of motorists are allowing their car insurance policy to auto-renew, which could be leaving them out of pocket. It's best to shop around.
Young drivers can now benefit from flexible car insurance

Young drivers targeted with new ‘fuss-free’ monthly car insurance

Flow is a new car insurance product that claims to be easier and more flexible than traditional insurance cover, while promising to always give the best possible price.
Crash for cash on the riseAX

Crash for cash schemes are a ‘real and growing threat’

Crash for cash schemes – where collisions are staged to file fraudulent insurance claims – are on the rise. How can you guard against the problem?
Skoda Yeti car insuranceSkoda

Buy a Skoda Yeti to save on car insurance

The Skoda Yeti is the cheapest family car to insure, with an average premium of £282.22 a year. The Tesla Model X is the most expensive to insure.
Comprehensive insurance might be cheapest

The popular car insurance myths: busted

Did you know that fitting a security device could actually increase the cost of your car insurance? Meanwhile, comprehensive cover could be the cheapest.
Learning to driveNewspress

Helping someone learn to drive: the rules you must know

With lockdown easing, learner drivers will be keen to take to the road. With this in mind, stand-in driver instructors are urged to check the rules.
How to save money on your car insuranceShutterstock

How to save money on car insurance

Car insurance can be expensive, particularly for younger drivers, but following this advice could save you money on your next renewal.