Modern touchscreens now available for classic Porsches

Porsche Classic PCCM Touchscreen

Classic Porsches have a reputation for everyday usability, and that can now extend to multimedia connectivity. 

New versions of the Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM) multimedia system have been launched, benefitting from upgraded features

It means even an original Porsche 911 from the 1960s could now benefit from digital radio and integrated navigation options.

True retrofit connectivity

Porsche Classic PCCM Touchscreen

Porsche offers two versions, with the standard PCCM module an option for cars with a single-DIN radio slot. This includes cars from the earliest 911s, through to the very last air-cooled 993 models. 

PCCM features Apple CarPlay connectivity, Bluetooth, and DAB+ digital radio, giving a range of options far beyond what these cars originally left the factory with. Separate SD card-based navigation can also be used.

A small touchscreen is supplemented by buttons and knobs, all intended to integrate seamlessly with the cabin of a classic Porsche.

Double the capacity 

Porsche Classic PCCM Touchscreen

For those with a modern classic Porsche that uses a double-DIN radio, a PCCM Plus module offers connectivity options on a bigger scale. 

Designed to fit water-cooled ‘996’ 911s, and the earliest Boxsters, the PCCM Plus uses a seven-inch touchscreen. Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity are included, with Porsche stating PCCM Plus will work with existing audio installations. 

Like the single-DIN unit, PCCM Plus features modern satellite navigation, including the latest Point of Interest (POI) features. 

A sound investment?

Porsche Classic PCCM Touchscreen

Adding modern touchscreen functionality, combined with the latest multimedia connectivity, does not come cheap.

Porsche charges €1,439.89 plus VAT (£1,260 / $1,558) for the single-DIN PCCM unit, with the double-DIN PCCM Plus selling for €1,606.51 plus VAT (£1,406 / $1,739). 

Professional installation is recommended, with the two units now available to buy online from the Porsche Classic Store, or from a Porsche dealership.

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