Porsche restorations at the NEC Classic Motor Show

Porsche reveals ‘better than new’ restorations for NEC Classic Motor Show

Porsche restorations at the NEC Classic

Porsche has commissioned 20 special restorations to demonstrate its cars’ history, hardiness and the extent of its classic catalogue. All the cars will be on display at the Classic Motor Show in Birmingham this weekend.

We’re nearly at the end of Porsche’s 70th anniversary year – and what a year of celebrations and spectacular models it’s been. The fun’s not over yet, though, with the 20 classics coming to the NEC, all fully restored and presented in special 918 Spyder ‘Liquid Metal’ silver.

What was the level of restoration? Well, this is Porsche, so about as extensive as it gets. Each car was submitted by an individual Porsche Centre or specialist selected by Porsche GB for the project. All received what the company describes as a ‘bare metal restoration’. That’s everything off, down to the chassis, for a component-parts recommission.

The range of cars spans from ‘996’ 911s and Boxsters from as late as 2003, all the way back to a 1970 914, with a 928, 968, 944, 924 and 911s of many vintages in between.

This selection is supposed to encapsulate Porsche’s sports car golden age. That’s 30 years worth of front-, mid- and rear-engined, water- and air-cooled sports cars presented in better-than-new condition.

We say ‘better than new’ as some of these cars will also feature Porsche Classic Parts, such as retro-style satellite navigation and tracking systems. Each car gets a ’70 years of Porsche’ plaque, as well as a subtle graphic on the outside.

“Following the success of previous restoration projects, we were keen to find another initiative to tie in with celebrations of 70 years of Porsche sports cars,” said Jonathan Mannell of Porsche Cars GB.

“The customer feedback from our Centres participating in the previous restoration competitions indicated that there was demand for authentic restorations of Porsche models across the spectrum. Bringing our history and tradition alive in this manner is also a great way to help celebrate the 70th anniversary of the first Porsche sports car.”

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