Green politician wants speed limits CUT to protect the NHS

London Assembly Member Caroline Russell wants a national speed limit of 50mph and urban speed limit of 20mph to support the NHS during coronavirus

50mph speed limit sign

Emergency speed limits should be introduced in England to support the NHS and save lives during the coronavirus crisis says a Green Party politician.

London Assembly Member Caroline Russell wants a 20mph urban speed limit and a 50mph national speed limit.

Her call comes after the police were forced to respond over the Easter weekend to speeding motorists.

One driver was clocked doing 151mph on the M1.

Ms Russell has written to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps calling for the speed limit cuts.

Emergency national legislation already exists, making the changes possible. They have previously been used in response to fuel shortages, such as in the 1970s.

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“We are seeing a massive change in the way people are travelling because they are rightly avoiding public transport except for essential journeys,” said Ms Russell.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has encouraged this by suspending the Congestion Charge and ULEZ during the coronavirus crisis. Parking is free for NHS workers, too.

However, many are also walking and cycling, backed by Waze data showing a 70 pecent reduction in driving. Ms Russell wants the lower speed limits to protect them.

“This will have threefold benefits, protecting key workers making essential journeys on public transport, reducing the number of collisions and therefore pressure on our already pressured emergency services AND crucially protecting people walking and cycling.”

No road signage changes would be necessary, she added, but there should be a public information campaign to make motorists aware of the changes.

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