Deserted London

Waze reports huge fall in miles driven due to coronavirus

Deserted London

Motorists around the world are heeding official requests to stay at home, with mapping app Waze reporting a 60 percent global drop in miles driven. 

Figures for the UK show driven miles have fallen more than 70 percent, while in Italy driving is down more than 90 percent.

Waze global fall in miles driven due to coronavirus

Most countries have ‘dramatically stopped driving’ says the traffic-dodging app.

The huge fall in worldwide motoring comes despite many countries having different lockdown rules and timings.

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No nation has ruled out essential journeys, though. That’s why Waze has developed a number of tools to help key workers get around efficiently.

Deserted dual carriageway

In 58 countries, Waze map editors (there are more than 30,000 globally) and a Waze Crisis Response Team are working on region-specific initiatives including road closures, red zones and so on.

More countries are regularly being added to the service.  

Waze has also launched a special COVID-19 landing page, intended for use by governments around the world.

Waze Local

The idea is for officials to add data about medical testing facilities and emergency food distribution locations as map pins, to help Waze users during the pandemic.

Waze is even helping local businesses add information about whether they offer drive-through or contactless kerbside pick-up of food and other essentials.

Waze Local

Information can be added via ‘location personality’ badges, through the Waze Local service.

‘The more up-to-date the map,’ said Waze in a statement, ‘the more drivers we can help, and the more people we can keep safe.’


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