Custom capsules are the ultimate way to show off your supercar

Want to display your pride and joy? If your car is worthy of a motor show podium, a supercar capsule could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Supercar Capsule

Want to show off your pride and joy? If your car is worthy of a motor show podium, this could be exactly what you’re looking for. Say hello to the supercar capsule.

The idea is to make your car look like it’s inside a private showroom, which can be fully customised in terms of interior design and lighting. The capsule is somewhere to display your car, rather than simply store it.

It comes from company called Superfuturedesign, a subsidiary of Italian consultancy firm ASZarchitetti group, which is known for its award-winning architecture and design work.

Customising the supercar capsuleSupercar Capsule

Each capsule is configurable to the needs of the customer, based on space requirements and your design vision. A Lamborghini Centenario, for instance, is pictured displayed in a room with a yellow colour scheme, while on the outside there’s a very traditional design, incorporating the Lamborghini badge.

The real ‘capsule’, however, is the option to build an entirely new ‘showroom’ for the car, like a giant display case. A Ferrari is pictured stacked on top of a Porsche, as if they are models for sale in a shop.

Supercar Capsule

Another radical idea is to merge the garage with existing rooms in your house, to make the car a display piece. Visitors can see and admire your car, without having to take them into the garage. See the Lamborghini above as an example.

It’s also possible to remodel and renovate existing garages with new material finishes, lighting and colour schemes. The strip-lighting seen here is perfect for highlighting the contours of a sports car.

Supercar Capsule

The project comes from the minds of car enthusiasts, so is centred around appreciating cars as art. It’s the kind of gift we’d all love to give our favourite car.

Prices aren’t mentioned, but given Porsches, Ferraris and Lamborghinis are used to demonstrate the designs, so if you have to ask…


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