How to drive safely in strong windsShutterstock

How to drive safely in strong winds

Storm Francis will bring strong winds and nasty driving conditions this week. Here's how to stay safe behind the wheel when it's windy.
How to stay awake behind the wheelShutterstock

How to stay awake when driving long distances

Accidents caused by tiredness behind the wheel are 50 percent more likely to result in death or serious injury. Here's how to stay alert when driving.
Safest UK car parksUSwitch

These are the UK's safest – and least safe – car parks

Using analysis of 200 of the UK's busiest car parks, we can reveal the safest and least safe places to park your car. In short: park in Exeter, Devon.
How to check what you can tow this summerLMLPhoto /

Caravan holidays: here's what you can legally tow this summer

In the wake of the coronavirus, many are opting for UK caravan holidays. We explain what you can legally tow, which depends on when you passed your test.
Skoda Octavia taxi with illegal part worn tyres

Taxi with illegal part-worn tyres approved by councils

Four councils in the North West of England have been exposed for issuing taxi licenses for a Skoda Octavia fitted with four illegal part-worn tyres.
Why sleep is the best prevention for drowsy drivingShutterstock

Why sleep is the best cure for drowsy driving

Opening the car windows won't keep you awake behind the wheel, but a good night's sleep is the best prevention for drowsy driving.
How to drive safely through flood waterShutterstock

How to drive safely through flood water

In deep water? Three-quarters of motorists would risk driving through a flood, despite it being the leading cause of death in flooded areas.
The dangers of the new car smellShutterstock

Is that ‘new car smell’ killing you softly?

Whether or not you like that ‘new car smell’, have you ever stopped to consider what it is – and what it might be doing to your health?
reporting family member drink-drivingShutterstock

98 percent wouldn’t report a family member for drink-driving

The vast majority of people wouldn't report a family member for drink-driving, but are more likely to call the police if the driver is a stranger.
NCAP results Tesla Model X and Porsche TaycanNCAP

Tesla Model X a ‘stand-out performer’ in Euro NCAP safety tests

Euro NCAP has published its second-to-last 2019 release, and this one’s a biggie. Tesla's Model X and Porsche's Taycan have faced NCAP’s crash testing