Jeremy Clarkson voted the greatest on-screen motoring icon

Jeremy Clarkson automotive icon

Jeremy Clarkson is the greatest on-screen automotive icon… in the world. That’s according to a survey of 2,000 Brits.

The former Top Gear presenter and current co-host of The Grand Tour topped the poll, beating the likes of Steve McQueen, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker.

Clarkson’s on-screen chums Richard Hammond and James May also secured a place in the top 10.

Three Bonds made the list, with Sean Connery finishing ahead of the current 007 Daniel Craig and the late Sir Roger Moore. There was no place for MR’s Tim Pitt – an oversight we’re finding it hard to overlook.

A spokesperson for Hyundai, the company behind the survey, said: “The internet has totally transformed the way we buy and sell products and consume media.

“Whether it’s streaming our favourite shows, browsing the classifieds or configuring the perfectly-specced cars, there is plenty to keep car enthusiasts occupied.”

Clarkson Hammond and May

Hyundai offered no comment on the omission of Tim Pitt.

The top 10 automotive icons

  1. Jeremy Clarkson
  2. Steve McQueen
  3. Richard Hammond
  4. Vin Diesel
  5. Sir Sean Connery
  6. James May
  7. Paul Walker
  8. Daniel Craig
  9. Sir Roger Moore
  10. Jason Statham

Hyundai also asked the respondents for their views on the greatest car films. Predictably, The Italian Job was named the favourite, followed by Bullitt and the Fast and Furious franchise.

On the small screen, Top Gear finished top, ahead of Knight Rider and The Dukes of Hazzard. Meanwhile, the Aston Martin DB5 was named the greatest movie car, with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the DeLorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future following close behind.

Jeremy Clarkson says ‘stay at home’

Jeremy Clarkson in China

In a recent video, Jeremy Clarkson urged people to stay at home in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak. He said: “I have been asked to stay at home… I am doing what Mr Johnson asked me to do. 

“If we go outside, there’s a good chance we will infect someone old and frail like… James May.”


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Jeremy Clarkson farm shop to open

Crop Gear: Jeremy Clarkson’s farm shop is now open

Jeremy Clarkson farm shop to open

The opening of a farm shop shouldn’t generate many column inches beyond the parish news or local rag. But most farm shops aren’t owned by Jeremy Clarkson.

His ‘unheated and meat free’ farm shop has now fully opened. As a result, you can expect the roads in and around the Oxfordshire village of Chadlington to be rather busy.

In a tweet on Friday 21 February, The Grand Tour presenter and farmer said: “My farm shop opens tomorrow afternoon. Twitter friendly as it’s unheated and meat free. Do drop in if you’re in the Chipping Norton area.”

When pressed for a precise opening time, Clarkson said: “The afternoon; like I said.” Form an orderly queue around lunchtime…

Last year, Jeremy Clarkson was forced to defend plans to build a shop at Diddly Squat Farm. Locals said the farm shop would have a “negative impact on the landscape”. At the time, Clarkson told the BBC: “I really know I’m not doing anything wrong or anything that would hurt the village.”

West Oxfordshire District Council granted planning permission last year, with approval granted on the proviso that the shop can only sell produce grown on-site or by West Oxfordshire producers. When asked whether he has grown the produce himself, Clarkson tweeted: “All of it.”

Top Beer

Jeremy Clarkson

This comes ahead of Clarkson’s new Amazon show which has the working title of ‘I Bought The Farm’. The eight-part series will see the former Top Gear presenter and “inept townie” attempting to run the 1,000-acre working farm. 

In a video released in October 2019, Jeremy Clarkson said: “Good news! I can finally confirm that I’m going to be spending the next year, in the rain, making a show about farming.

“This means people all over the world will be able to watch me using a thousand acres of the Cotswolds to make thousands of tons of beer, and bread, and vegetable oil, and lamb chops, and jumpers.”

Needless to say, the grand opening is likely to have been filmed for Amazon. For those who attended, it could be their chance to meet a star at a reasonably priced farm shop…  

See: where is Diddly Squat Farm?

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Jeremy Clarkson’s cars of the year 2019

See the Top Gear cars from the Nepal special at Beaulieu

50 years of the truck Jeremy Clarkson couldn’t kill

Jeremy Clarkson’s cars of the year 2019

Clarkson cars of the year

From dragging a Jeep Wrangler by the scruff across Colombia to becoming a seaman in the Mekong Delta, it’s amazing Jeremy Clarkson found time to actually drive any cars in 2019. Happily, he did, and he has some strong opinions on the year’s best and worst new metal.

Hot metal

Clarkson cars of the year

With everything from the Suzuki Jimny to the Ferrari 488 Pista, you can’t say this list isn’t eclectic. Very non-polarising for Clarkson, it caters for (almost) everyone. Let’s get into it…

Audi R8 V10 Spyder Performance

Clarkson cars of the year

We open with a very ‘Clarkson’ car: a screaming V10 engine in the middle and a price nearing £150,000. It’s should have his name written all over it. Not entirely so. He even admitted to pangs of guilt in operating such a gratuitous and noisy machine when watching Sir David Attenborough on Netflix. In his review for The Times, he said: “After a few days, though, normal service was resumed. I began to realise that a V10 is better than a bicycle and that having fun at 180mph is more important than having angst about plankton”. His summary of the R8? “Yes, this is what a supercar should be like.”

Toyota Supra

Clarkson cars of the year

We know Jeremy has a penchant for a deftly-measured, well-judged sports car and the Toyota Supra has to be a top 2019 contender there. It’s not quite up to it, he reckons, saying in The Times: “It’s not underwhelming, by any means, but neither is it overwhelming. It’s just whelming and I was expecting, I dunno, a bit of chilli and lemongrass in the mix”.

Suzuki Jimny

Clarkson cars of the year

In his love of the Suzuki Jimny, Clarkson reaffirms that he is indeed an automotive masochist. Torturous though operating the Jimny can often be, it’s relentlessly good fun. “As you bounce along with your ears bleeding, you will have a smile on your face,” he said. “And you’ll be making other road users smile, too.”

Ferrari 488 Pista

Clarkson cars of the year

Clarkson is in love with a new Ferrari. In other news, water is wet. In spite of its expense and poor equipment levels, he describes the Ferrari 488 Pista as “one of the most exciting, thrilling, beautiful and satisfying cars ever made”. He’s so impressed with it, he reckons James May might have to scrap his Ferrari 458 Speciale, due to the fact the Pista has rendered it worthless.

Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography

Clarkson cars of the year

Next on the list of cars that no one is surprised Clarkson loves, a slightly smaller Range Rover that JLR’s in-house SVO tuning division has stuffed a V8 into. Clarkson says: “There’s something about the Velar that turns the rational side of your brain to mush”. The Velar SVAutobiography is the one to have, he says, because of its V8, which is good for 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds and 170mph. “In a Range Rover, for crying out loud”. No arguments here.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio

Clarkson cars of the year

Is the apocalypse upon us? Is hell freezing over? We only ask because one of Clarkson’s cars of the year appears to be a crossover SUV. Happily, it’s one of the very best, so you can stop stockpiling tinned food. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio is also the only crossover with an engine sourced from Ferrari… kind of. Clarkson spends most of his summary talking about the Ferrari-flavoured bit, saying “The noise it makes can curdle blood at 500 paces. This is an engine that wants you to open all the stops, all the time”.

Audi TTS Roadster

Clarkson cars of the year

Clarkson’s summary of the Audi TTS Roadster says nothing we didn’t already know. In short, it’s no Porsche Cayman rival. It’s a very good car, but not if you’re in the market for a sports car. He says in The Times “all that horsepower, 93m miles of headroom and four-wheel drive and, actually, you know what? I’ll walk. I need the exercise”.

Ford Mustang GT V8 Convertible

Clarkson cars of the year

The Mustang is a very ‘Clarkson’ car, isn’t it? It was his muscle car of choice on his trip to Detroit on The Grand Tour. Although thoroughly modernised, by any other yardstick, it remains a blunt instrument. But Clarkson isn’t bothered. He says in The Times: “Crikey, it has a big heart. This is a car you treat like a dog. You want to tickle it behind its door mirrors and let it sit by the fire on cold evenings. And when it develops a wobble at tickover, you don’t get cross with it; you worry”.

Mercedes-AMG A35

Clarkson cars of the year

We can’t have a list of 2019 motoring talking-points without a hot hatch or two. The Mercedes-AMG A35 has been eagerly anticipated, given how popular the last A45 AMG was. In spite of being the comparatively lukewarm precursor to the full-fat A45, Clarkson was taken with its performance, saying: “This thing flies. It’s a mad ride, full of jolts and judders and stars flying past at breakneck speed. It’s properly exciting.”

Renault Megane RS Trophy

Clarkson cars of the year

The Merc is very, er, German, though. If you take your hot hatches in a more traditionally French and scrappy guise, then Clarkson is also a proponent of the Renault Megane RS Trophy. “When you take this car by the scruff of the neck, it’s a riot of colour and sound and terror,” he said. “I’ve never taken LSD on the world’s fastest rollercoaster, except now I sort of have”.

Peugeot Rifter GT Line

Clarkson cars of the year

Has Clarkson taken leave of his senses? Is a Peugeot Rifter really one of his most-enjoyed cars of 2019? If you can believe it, yes. The practicality and the ride quality that defeats speed bumps won him over. “I’ll be honest, I loved it,” he said. Apparently its arrival at The Grand Tour office was met with uproarious laughter at his expense.


Clarkson cars of the year

The Times said this list would include hits and misses. While some of the above machinery has copped a bit of criticism, there’s nothing as scathing as Clarkson has been capable of in the past. But the new BMW X5 doesn’t get an easy ride. From the key that “feels like a 1970s television set in your pocket,” to the overly-intrusive assisted steering, Clarkson reckons the X5 “is full of stuff that’s not been thought through. It’s a long time since I drove a car with as many design flaws”. Whoops.

Jeremy Clarkson has a new Amazon show

Jeremy Clarkson farming programme amazon

Jeremy Clarkson is to star in a new Amazon Prime Video show and, in a break from the norm, he will be on his own. That is, without his ex-Top Gear and The Grand Tour co-hosts, James May and Richard Hammond.

Well, it wouldn’t make sense really, given that Clarkson’s new show will be focused on farming. With a working title of I Bought The Farm, it will follow Clarkson in his purchase and attempted running of a 1,000-acre farm.

“I’m excited to be one of Jeremy’s farm hands,” said Peter Fincham, co-CEO of Expectation, the company producing the show. 

“He’s really passionate about farming, and tractors, and all the other stuff that he thinks he knows about. This series will showcase a new, wiser, muddier Jeremy than we’ve seen before. Can’t wait.”

How hard can it be?

Taking place over the course of a farming year, we’ll get to watch Jeremy, a self-confessed ‘inept townie’ throw himself in at the deep end of this agricultural endeavour. Expect emotions, small successes, catastrophic failures and a barrel of laughs, and we suspect you won’t be disappointed.

“Good news! I can finally confirm that I’m going to be spending the next year, in the rain, making a show about farming for Amazon Prime,” Clarkson said in a preview video.

“Of course, to be a farmer, you have to be an agronomist, a businessman, a politician, an accountant, a vet, and a mechanic. And I’m… none of those things. I don’t even know what agronomist means.”

Jeremy’s rustic nightmare: a new era for the big three presenters

Jeremy Clarkson farming programme amazon

This is the first of a selection of new projects that Amazon announced it was working on individually with three TGT presenters. 

This doesn’t mean The Grand Tour is on hold: there are big changes to come. However, there won’t be any studio work for the foreseeable future.

Jeremy Clarkson’s cars of the year 2019

Clarkson's cars of the year

The second News UK Motor Awards event was held yesterday, announcing the cars of the year decided upon by journalists from the UK’s premier newspapers, including a certain Jeremy Clarkson, although he only appeared to weigh in on the faster stuff. Let’s round up the winners.

Clarkson’s cars of the year

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Bentley Continental GT V8

It’s back! The Continental GT V8 claims the ultimate prize: a recommendation from Jeremy Clarkson as the ‘People’s Car of the Year’. We’re sure there’s something to be said about how in-touch with ‘the people’ Clarkson is if his ‘people’s car’ is a £100,000+ Bentley, but that’s the Jezza way.

Ferrari 488 Pista

Although it’s been superseded by the Ferrari F8 Tributo, the outgoing 488 Pista claims the coveted Clarkson Supercar of the Year award. Jezza, we’ve little to no arguments on that front.

The sensible stuff

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Range Rover Evoque

The new Range Rover Evoque was awarded Family SUV of the Year. It’s a worthy winner, as a long-awaited update to the marque’s big-selling miniature ‘Rangie’.

Volvo XC40

Volvo’s XC40 takes home the Small SUV/crossover of the Year award. It’s another we can agree on. This is a quirky yet classy, high quality and capable fly in the German establishment’s ointment.

Ford Fiesta

Although it’s been around for a couple of years now, as per the brilliant Ford Fiesta wins Small Car of the Year for 2019. We can get behind that. Nothing’s come along since to challenge it, although we’ll be driving the new Peugeot 208 very soon…

Nissan X Trail

Getting rather specific is the award for Dog-friendly Car of the Year. Still, this is Britain. We’re nothing without our pups. To that end, the Nissan X-Trail takes home the award for dog-friendly car of the year. We’ll stick with a Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate… 

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Tesla Model 3

Could anything else have won Green Car of the Year? The Tesla Model 3 delivers brand coolness, questionable quality, undeniable performance and an affordable price point to a wider range of buyers. Arguably a contender for overall Car of the Year, even though it was revealed three years ago…

Kia Picanto

The worthy little Kia Picanto wins Value Car of the Year. We can’t argue with that, though for us the Volkswagen Up! GTI could be in with a shout in terms of bang for your buck.

Volvo V60

You can’t go far wrong with a Volvo estate for a family car. A fact reflected in the humble model’s winning of Family Car of the Year. Not many cars combine style, safety and sensibleness with quite the aplomb of the V60.

The fun stuff

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Ford Ranger Raptor

Ford’s UK-friendly baja-basher wins Adventure Car of the Year. We can absolutely get behind this. Motoring Research’s Tim Pitt said: “In the right environment, this pumped-up pick-up is as exciting as any supercar. Forget that Ferrari.” Advice we’d pass on to Mr Clarkson.

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante

We’re not absolutely convinced by the Sports Car of the Year award. Our money would go into a McLaren 600LT Spyder if we were buying a sports car. Still, the Aston is a lovely thing all the same. Tim Pitt said: “Coupe or Volante, I think this is the best car Aston Martin currently makes”. High praise in such an accomplished lineup.

Mercedes-AMG A35

The hot hatch market is a hotly contested one. Could the Mercedes-Benz A35 be overshadowed by the likes of the Renault Sport Megane Trophy R? In terms of value, perhaps not. The Merc is a lovely thing and, in the very strange world we live in now, cheaper to buy than a specced out Renault Megane.

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Bentley Continental GT V8

The second of two gongs for the big ‘Benters’ is British-built Car of the Year. It’s a lovely thing, though for our money it’d be a tough toss-up between the aforementioned DBS and a McLaren 600LT…

Porsche 911

The Sunday Times Car of the Year is the Porsche 911. Is it really a motoring awards ceremony if the latest Porsche 911 doesn’t win something? It’s a worthy winner, too. Somehow, even though it’s the fastest, most capable, and most digital 911 ever, the new 992 still has that quintessential Porsche sports car sizzle.

Mercedes-AMG S 63 Cabrio

The mega Merc wins Luxury Car of the Year overall. We can’t fault it on that front, even if it’s approaching pensionable age. Could the new Bentley Flying Spur have been in with a shout? No matter, we’ll take the S 63 if we must…




The Grand Tour: Clarkson, Hammond and May filming in Yorkshire

The Grand Tour: everything we know so far

The Grand Tour: Clarkson, Hammond and May filming in Yorkshire

Amazon has announced that The Grand Tour will be available to watch on its Prime streaming service from 00:01 GMT on Friday 18th November.

It comes after months of filming including studio recordings in its tent around the world – from Whitby, Yorkshire, to Nashville, Tennessee.

The Grand Tour: Clarkson, Hammond and May filming in Yorkshire

What do we know about The Grand Tour?

For a start, excitement reached fever pitch with the release of the first official trailer. In just 90 seconds, the trailer passes the Mark Kermode ‘six laughs test’, suggesting The Grand Tour might be worth the extremely long wait. In fact, it feels like they never really went away…

There are cars, obviously, but there’s so much more besides. James May has fractured his arm. Jeremy Clarkson is attempting to pull a camel. There’s a tank. Jet skis. Not to mention a reference to Roger Moore and his white suit, in a setting that looks straight out of The Spy Who Loved Me. Excited? Read on to find out what else we know about The Grand Tour.

It won’t be on mainstream TV

Following Clarkson’s ‘fracas’, which led to the trio leaving the BBC, there was much speculation about where they’d appear next. Some expected them to appear on rival TV channels ITV, Channel 4 or Channel 5 – but a clause in their contracts reportedly meant they wouldn’t be able to appear on a mainstream TV channel.

It’ll be shown on Amazon

The clause didn’t apply to online streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, however – which partly explains why the trio will be appearing on Amazon’s Instant Video service.

It’ll be called The Grand Tour…

The Grand Tour: what we know so far

Another point that attracted a great deal of speculation was the name of the show. Many expected it to be called ‘Gear Knobs’ following a trademark application by a firm linked to the show, but Clarkson quickly quashed the rumours. A lawyer reportedly told the trio that it would be ‘unwise’ to use a name so close to Top Gear.

…because it is a ‘grand tour’

So why is The Grand Tour (or GT for short – the reverse of TG) called The Grand Tour? Simple, really – because it is a grand tour. Originally the series was expected to be filmed in countries around the world without a studio segment – but now a studio segment is expected, shot in tents in those various locations.

James May wanted to call it ‘Nigel’ or ‘Roger’

Not everyone approves of the name – with some suggesting it’s a tad dull. Even James May admitted it wasn’t his first choice of name… “I wanted to call it ‘Nigel’, or ‘Roger’,” he said. “We needed a name, and they’re names.”

It’ll be filmed around the world

It’ll be filmed around the world

An episode of The Grand Tour has already been shot in Johannesburg, South Africa, while other episodes are expected to be filmed in the UK, Germany and the USA. As expected, the big green tent has been erected in Yorkshire.

This is what the logo looks like

The official logo was leaked on Reddit in June, with Richard Hammond confirming on Facebook that it was correct. He said: “Right, well, that saves us the bother of thinking up a clever way to unveil our new show’s logo: It has leaked. Not in the way my Landie leaks oil or James May leaks if he laughs or goes on a trampoline, I mean leaks as in the secret is out.

“Serves us right for trying to secure a European trademark. All things European proving a little tricky this week.”

The Grand Tour’s production company is called W. Chump and Sons

Following the trio’s departure from the BBC, they established a TV production company along with former Top Gear executive producer Andy Wilman. The firm, which is responsible for The Grand Tour, is based in London and features the initial letters of its directors’ surnames in its name.

…and it owns four Reliant Robin company cars

...and it owns four Reliant Robin company cars

Naturally, while looking for offices in London, the company put ‘generous parking space’ high on its list of priorities. It then filled some of those parking spaces with four Reliant Robins, bought as company cars for the four directors. They cost ‘less than £15,000’ and, Clarkson insists, they’re used regularly.

James May hurt his finger during filming

Although not quite as big a deal as Hammond’s jet-powered crash during Top Gear filming in 2006, James May is thought to have hurt his finger during filming for The Grand Tour. Clarkson tweeted that he had a ‘poorly finger’.

Jeremy Clarkson has struggled to find steak

Clarkson was famously sacked from Top Gear following a ‘fracas’ when a hotel refused to serve him steak because the chef had gone home. It seems that nothing has changed with filming of The Grand Tour, as he tweeted this picture with the caption: “People of South Africa. What is this nonsense?”

It will feature a Ford Focus RS

It will feature a Ford Focus RS

Although there’s expected to be the usual amount of ‘messing around’ between the presenters, The Grand Tour is ultimately a car show. We don’t know exactly which cars will appear, but Clarkson tweeted this picture of the new Ford Focus RS and Ford Mustang.

And ‘our’ Rolls-Royce Dawn

He also tweeted a picture of James May in a Rolls-Royce Dawn that looks suspiciously like the one Matt LeBlanc drove on Top Gear (and, more importantly, Motoring Research also drove earlier this year).

As well as the Aston Martin DB11

Aston’s DB9 replacement is expected to be one of the hottest cars of 2016, and Clarkson also revealed on Twitter that he’d been driving it. “It’s going to be a brutal day on the Grand Tour,” he said. “I’m driving an Aston Martin DB11 across Tuscany.”

The Grand Tour cost Amazon £160m

Although Amazon has never revealed how much it paid to bag The Grand Tour, it’s believed to be in the region of £160 million. That’s one of Amazon’s biggest deals ever.

The Grand Tour will be shown in autumn

The Grand Tour will be shown in autumn

Amazon Prime has confirmed the show will stream weekly from 18th November 2016. So you don’t have long to wait.

There’ll be 36 episodes

You’ll be pleased to know Clarkson, Hammond and May are unlikely to ‘do an Evans’ – they’re all contracted for 36 episodes, split up into three series. If they’re successful, Amazon’s likely to extend that.

It’ll cost £79 to watch it

Amazon will be hoping The Grand Tour will be a big seller for its Prime video service – as you’ll need to subscribe to watch the new show. It costs £79 a year, or you can pay £7.99 a month – and new members get a 30-day free trial. Sign up to that closer to the launch date and you’ll be able to watch several episodes for nothing.

There won’t be a Stig

Although the format is expected to be very similar to Top Gear, certain features including The Stig and Star in a Reasonably Priced Car belong to the BBC – so for copyright reasons, they won’t appear on The Grand Tour.

Jeremy Clarkson's The Grand Tour is going to Scotland

Jeremy Clarkson’s The Grand Tour is going to Scotland

Jeremy Clarkson's The Grand Tour is going to Scotland

Amazon has announced this morning that it’s taking The Grand Tour to Scotland – and invited fans to apply for tickets to its tent on the banks of Loch Ness.

It comes after Clarkson, Hammond and May filmed an episode in Whitby last month – returning to the county where the infamous Top Gear ‘fracas’ took place.

“We can’t wait to bring The Grand Tour tent back to the UK,” said VP of Amazon Video Europe, Jay Marine. “The guys had a great time filming in Whitby last month and we’re excited to bring the tent to Scotland. Demand for tickets to all recordings has been phenomenal with applications coming in from around the globe, so get in quick for an opportunity to join Jeremy, James and Richard at this monster location.”

The Grand Tour will be available to watch on Amazon Prime from 18th November, with new episodes being released every week for 12 weeks.

The ex-Top Gear trio have been travelling around the world with their pop-up studio – visiting exotic locations including Johannesburg, California, Whitby and Rotterdam.

Lapland, Stuttgart and Nashville will also be visited by the big tent.

Fans can apply for tickets until midnight on Friday 4th November and successful applicants will be contacted over the next few weeks.

The Grand Tour: fans from more than 100 countries want to visit Whitby

The Grand Tour fans from more than 100 countries want to visit Whitby

The Grand Tour: fans from more than 100 countries want to visit Whitby

Jeremy Clarkson fans eager to see The Grand Tour being filmed in the county where the infamous Top Gear fracas took place have bombarded Amazon with applications – with devotees from more than 100 countries worldwide filling in the form last week.

The show announced amongst a plethora of Paris Motor Show news on Thursday that it was taking applications to see it being filmed on the UK leg of The Grand Tour.

Fans were asked to justify why they should be chosen and who their favourite presenter is – with applications closing after just 48 hours.

“We are thrilled with the huge demand for tickets to the first UK recording of The Grand Tour and it is amazing that Jeremy, James and Richard have captured the attention of fans in more than 100 countries,” said Jay Marine, Amazon Video EU’s vice president.

Applications from fans were received from every region in the UK – with the highest percentage from Amazon customers in Yorkshire (19%), followed by the South East (16%) and North West (10%).

Scotland (4%), Wales (3%) and Northern Ireland (2%) were less keen to see the Top Gear trio.

Marine added: “Chosen fans will be contacted over the coming weeks with ticketing details, and all Prime members can look forward to seeing The Grand Tour on 18th November when it launches exclusively on Prime Video.”


Top Gear trio confirmed for new Amazon show

Jeremy Clarkson: BBC investigation results revealed in full

Boris Johnson: I want Jeremy Clarkson’s job

The Grand Tour: fans from more than 100 countries want to visit Whitby

You’re invited to join Clarkson’s Grand Tour in Whitby


With filming underway for The Grand Tour, the ex-Top Gear trio have announced they will be filming in front of a live studio audience in North Yorkshire. Yes, that’s right: Clarkson, Hammond and May will be in Whitby.

It’s the first UK stop for The Grand Tour, which will also visit Johannesburg and California. Jezza and the gang will follow in the footsteps of Bram Stoker and Captain Cook, who are both linked with the seaside town. Stoker stayed in the Royal Hotel and is said to have based Dracula on the town.

No comments about rare steaks, please.

Jay Marine, vice president of Amazon Video Europe, said: “We were blown away by the customer demand for tickets to our studio tent recordings in Johannesburg and California and today we are excited to announce that the guys are coming home!

“Our first UK stop on The Grand Tour will be the historic North Yorkshire town of Whitby, so we invite fans to get in early to join Jeremy, Richard and James for thrills, spills and fish and chips by the seaside.”

But no steak. Definitely no steak.

Amazon’s website suggests filming will be taking place on the 13th and 14th October and that ‘audience participation is key’. Applicants must say why they want to go and, curiously, which of the presenters they most like and why.

The Grand Tour will launch on 18th November 2016 exclusively for Amazon Prime members. If you fancy standing in a big tent in Whitby, you’ll need to be quick, as entries are only open for two days and will close at midnight on Friday 30th September.

To apply for your trip to the seaside, go to:

Jeremy Clarkson pays more than £100,000 to producer he punched in ‘fracas’

Jeremy Clarkson

Ex-Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has paid out in excess of £100,000 and apologised to the producer he punched in a ‘fracas’ that led to him being sacked from the BBC.

Oisin Tymon, who was attacked by Clarkson in a row over a steak dinner, brought legal proceedings against the TV celebrity in November.

The producer, who suffered a split lip following the incident, pursued his case in the Central London Employment Tribunal, in Holborn.

However, it’s believed the pair have now settled the case, with Clarkson paying £100,000 to Tymon, who he described Tymon as a “lazy, Irish, c**t”.

In a statement issued through his lawyers, Slater and Gordon, Clarkson said: “I would like to say sorry, once again, to Oisin Tymon for the incident and its regrettable aftermath. I want to reiterate that none of this was in any way his fault.

“I would also like to make it clear that the abuse he has suffered since the incident is unwarranted and I am sorry too that he has had to go through that.”

Jeremy Clarkson has since found a job with fellow ex-Top Gear presenters Richard Hammond and James May, presenting a new, as-yet-unnamed car programme on Amazon Prime. The series is set to make its debut later in the spring.