How to care for your car tyres while not driving

How to buy the right tyres for your car

The requirement to stay at home during the coronavirus lockdown presents new challenges for looking after your car.

Tyres are among the components that can suffer most from sitting still, so here is how to keep them healthy when the car isn’t in use. These tips are provided by Falken Tyres.

Visually check your tyres

It sounds obvious, but you should be doing this regularly – regardless of the pandemic. If you’re not driving much, or at all, this may be a good time to source replacement tyres if needed.

If the tyres are worn, cut, bulging, have flat spots, are cracking, or are out of date, it’s time to change. Check they are inflated to the recommended pressures and wearing evenly, too.

Valve caps

Get a Grip tyre campaign to get young drivers educated

The valve cap is another important part of the tyre. This stops dirt and moisture getting in and causing damage to the stems. They are, however, small and easy items to lose.

Over-inflate your tyres

To make sure your tyres don’t get too low while the car stands for a while, over-inflate them by around 15 PSI.

For most cars, this will take the tyres to between 40 PSI and 45 PSI. Over-inflation can also prevent flat-spots.

Jack up your car

Look after your tyres in the lockdown

Another way of avoiding flat-spots, or excess pressure loss, is to put your car on axle stands.

This takes the weight off the tyres, relieving the load. ‘Tyre trainers’ can also help. 

Store your car in a garage

One of the best ways to protect your tyres is keep them out of the sun. If leaving your car for a long period, park it in the shade, or in a garage.

If you have spare tyres, such as winter tyres, make sure they are stored appropriately as well.


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