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Yellowhammer: no deal could cause 60-hour delays for trucks

Brexit 'worst fears' of the Road Haulage Association are confirmed by the Yellowhammer document, which details interruptions to the supply chain.
Eurotunnel makes 'Brexit promise'Shutterstock

Eurotunnel makes ‘Brexit Promise’ for driving to France

Eurotunnel is reassuring travellers that Brexit will not prevent them driving to France. The message is that whatever happens, the tunnel will stay open
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No-deal Brexit could cost UK automotive £4 billion a year

There have been more warnings come that a no-deal Brexit could hit the UK car industry hard, to the tune of £4 billion every year.
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How to get an International Driving Permit

As Brexit looms on 31 October, it's wise to read up on International Driving Permits. They're easy to get and cost £5.50 each
Mini Plant Oxford

UK new car investment plummets as firms spend £330 million on no-deal Brexit

In 2019, car firms have spent FOUR TIMES as much preparing for Brexit as they have invested in new models and workers, new figures reveal.
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Brexit means more people are delaying buying a new car

Research conducted by BuyaCar found that almost half of Britain's new car buyers are delaying the purchase of their next vehicle for two years or more
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Brexit deal or no-deal, drivers need their papers

Deal or no-deal, British motorists will probably require a Green Card to drive in the EU after Brexit, according to fleet management specialist Venson Automotive Solutions.
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Garages predict Brexit price rises and parts shortages

As many as 45 percent of garages have taken steps to get ready for Brexit by switching to UK-based suppliers
PSA Peugeot Citroen Vauxhall ProfitVauxhall

PSA Group on a roll: Vauxhall in profit, Peugeot going to the USA

Chairman Carlos Tavares isn't too worried about Brexit, and he's also aiming for full electrification across Peugeot, Citroen, DS and Vauxhall by 2025
Brexit EU tax new carsMercedes-Benz

Brexit tax: new car prices could leap by 22 percent

Prices for new cars could increase by nearly a quarter if Britain leaves the EU with no deal on 29 March