Home Car News New Zenvo TSR-S hypercar boasts new gearbox and carbon wheels

New Zenvo TSR-S hypercar boasts new gearbox and carbon wheels

Zenvo TSR-S new wheels and gearbox

The latest commission for the Zenvo TSR-S has been revealed by the Danish hypercar company, sporting some interesting developments and bespoke touches. The wabbling wing is now old news, on a car that is constantly being developed and improved.

The latest TSR-S was due to be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show. It will now be shown to the media at Zenvo’s HQ in Denmark. The latest build has a new ‘hybrid’ gearbox and ‘fragmented’ carbon wheels.

Hybrid gearbox: racing shifts smoothed out for the road

Zenvo TSR-S new wheels and gearbox

It’s easy to question what these flamboyant hypercar manufacturers actually bring to the table. However, Zenvo’s hybrid gearbox sounds like a genuinely clever thing. It’s a development of the seven-speed sequential box, with helical-cut dog gears. For reference, that’s racing-car spec in a road car. 

The hybrid development adds a module which smooths out shifts in ‘road mode’. It also adds another forward gear, and an electric-only reverse system. ‘Race mode’ allows the fast (and often jerky) changes of a full-on racing car.

Zenvo TSR-S fragmented carbon wheels

Zenvo TSR-S new wheels and gearbox

The new fragmented carbon wheels are a Zenvo-exclusive design, and relieve 15kg of unsprung mass compared with alloy equivalents. Each wheel takes two technicians a week to make, and can be tinted in whatever colour a customer wants.

Zenvo’s carbon advancements continue on the body, too, with this latest build showing new coloured exposed elements.

As ‘standard’, the TSR-S has a twin-supercharged 1,200hp V8 engine. It’ll reach 62mph in around three seconds, 124mph in just 6.8 seconds, on the way to a limited top speed of 201mph.

Zenvo builds just five cars a year to entirely custom specifications at its factory in Præstø, Denmark. The TSR-S starts from £1.28 million.



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